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#What'sHot- Chic Evil Eye Jewellery To Add Some Oomph To Your Outfits

The Evil Eye is a recent trend every brand is hopping onto, its significance being a big reason for garnering the public's attention.

What it represents:

The evil eye is a symbol of protection in various cultures globally.

Whether you believe in its power or not, you can still don some Evil Eye jewellery as it can tie up a look, making you look fashionable. These jewellery pieces are perfect to gift yourself and others.

Check out these premium brands that have some super cute and affordable Evil Eye collections:


Ikram's Evil Eye jewellery collection features bracelets and necklaces that are super cute and can take your outfit up a whole other level. These evil eye charms are chic, some minimal and some with a pop of colour. Ikram aims to create everyday accessories, believing that they are an expression of oneself, can mean whatever one wants and can wear whenever one wants.

Buy the collection here


A 92.5 silver jewellery brand, Mannash products are handcrafted by master artisans across the country, using several handcrafting techniques. Inspired by women and influenced by the reflection of her personality, the brand combines textures, colours, creative methods, passion and design into each unique piece. Available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, their collection's minimal yet can amp up your look, perfect for all occasions.

Buy the collection here

EK by Ekta R Kapoor

Crafted in India and celebrating Indian roots, EK is an endeavour that aims to bring the best of India to us and into our homes with their accessories and decor. It is a venture by Indian television producer Ekta Kapoor and features evil eye jewellery for people to don. The pieces look super chic, adding a bit of pizzazz to your outfit. They aren't just ornaments or accessories but made to bring good health and abundance and keep any negative energy at bay.

Buy the collection here


Taking inspiration from the streets of Jaipur, Nayab jewellery has a touch of our heritage, selling handcrafted pure silver and custom jewellery, with the evil eye being among the various designs. With a simple, wonderful, and meaningful story, the brand is proud of its foundation of offering premium silver jewellery, collaborating with industry experts to create them. Their evil eye jewellery pieces are minimal yet look gorgeous when worn.

Buy the collection here


Mikoto by Fable Street is a brand featuring handcrafted semi-precious jewellery at affordable prices made for the woman of today with quality design and craftsmanship. Their jewellery adds just the right amount of elegance to one's outfit. Their evil eye collection entails rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, covering almost all styles of jewellery a woman usually wears, complimenting every ensemble, no matter the occasion.

Buy the collection here
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