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Unleashing the World of Diesel with their SS'22 Collection Highlights

Diesel, one of the most forward-thinking denim brands to ever exist, unveiled 'The Big D' with its latest Spring/Summer Collection, showcasing the word of creative director Glenn Martens. The collection is a blend of Diesel's trailblazing history and Marten's high-concept approach to fashion design. The brand is shifting gears and moving toward being an alternative to luxe denim brands, showcasing it exceptionally well with its gender-neutral collection. With the new branding, we will see their 'D' logo across all categories.

Creative Director Glenn Martens says, "The power of diesel is that we talk to so many people. We can push sustainability and innovation, and we can push experimentation and concept. It’s pure diesel – you need to put it on in two seconds and live your life. For successful living!”

Diesel's SS'22 Show Collection Highlights were:


Diesel Prototype, Spring/Summer 22 collection of Diesel, Diesel, Diesel SS'22 Collection, Diesel SS'22 Collection highlights
Diesel Prototype

A completely new and innovative design by Creative Director Glenn Martens, The PROTOTYPE is ready to set the tone for the future of Diesel footwear, first seen on Diesel's Spring/Summer 2022 runway. Pushing the limit of athletic footwear design while also breaking aesthetic and technical conventions, the sneaker features rubber straps and asymmetric lacing, with bias-angled textured rubber strips, featuring an industrial outsole tread and moulded runner overlays across its uppers. The sneaker is super flexible, with no worries of creasing when bent due to the materials it's made out of.


New It Bag- 1DR, Spring/Summer 22 collection of Diesel, Diesel, Diesel SS'22 Collection, Diesel SS'22 Collection highlights
New It Bag- 1DR

The new it-bag for women on the block is Diesel's 1DR bag featuring the rounded 'D' logo on a lacquered metal plaque also available in various bright colours and different sizes. The bag soon became a wardrobe staple for several A-list celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, and Vittoria Ceretti. The IT bag comes in leather and a mixed canvas style with coordinated keychains and wallets, the metal D logo adding a touch of luxury to the bag. While using it as a cross-body, the handle can be reversed upside-down.


Diesel Jogg Jeans, Spring/Summer 22 collection of Diesel, Diesel, Diesel SS'22 Collection, Diesel SS'22 Collection highlights
Diesel JoggJeans

The Diesel SS'22 collection celebrated a key asset of their denim: The JoggJeans. The old fabric is re-purposed in a modern and updated version, called track denim. The core features of this denim are fabric, flexibility, and comfort, reinterpreted with a responsible and contemporary streetwear attitude, and are clean with focused shades to outlive trends.

The Diesel Library Campaign

Taking a genderless design approach, the Diesel Library represents a new strategy for Diesel's core category: Denim. Glen Martens' intention is to refresh the base of every Diesel category, beginning with the world's most versatile and democratic fabric. The library will now offer a wide range of evergreen and long-lasting denim ranging from trousers to jackets, tops, skirts and more! Half of the denim collection will have a permanent shelf life, with the Diesel Library introducing iconic, essential pieces conceived to outlive trends, lasting for years' end. The design team focuses on Diesel DNA in a modern way: the D logo will be across all categories as the new branding of Diesel. All in all, the Diesel Library marks a shift in how Diesel will produce its denim collection in the future.

The denim will be made using fibres, washes, and treatments that have been selected on the basis of being responsible and efficient, the following focuses drawing the foundation for the Library:

Fabrics feature low-impact materials, such as organic and recycled fibres. ● Treatments are performed with innovative techniques that significantly reduce the use of water and chemicals. ● Trims: leather patches are chrome-free tanned; metal buttons have no-galvanized treatments; inner labels are made with recycled materials; cellulosic trims, including hang tags and patches, are realized in FSC certified materials.

The collection, with its new personality, is the beating heart of the brand, featuring low-impact materials, and being as sustainable as possible. The garments will offer more product benefits, upgraded treatments, and washes.

Learn more about the collection here. Shop the Men's Collection here and the Women's Collection here.
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