Top 5 items in my bag this FW20

These 5 essentials are always with me in my bag, be it for a work call, or a day out - I carry them all.

• Hand Cream

I do keep trying new blends and currently I'm so hooked to The Body Shop's British Rose Hand Cream. You can get it for yourself by clicking here.

Winter is back, and so are hand creams. I love winters specifically because I get to soak myself in cream. It's not less than an aroma therapy. I can't be complaining here.”

• Hand Sanitiser

In these testing times, I never step out of the house without a pocket sanitiser. The extensive range of hand cleansing gels by Bath and Body Works are refreshing and easy to carry. To get your favourite blend click here.

“Hand Sanitisers are a mandate these days, and pocket gels make it all the more handy. A good fragrance acts like a cherry on the cake.”

• Face Mask

With the rise in challans and also the spike in cover case, none of us can think of stepping out of the house without a mask. This Airific mask is not only fashion conscious, it is also breathabe and gives maximum protection. I can't wait to try Airific 2 - their new variant. You can get your hands on these by clicking here.

“O Dear Face Masks, a new facial feature, we have got accustomed to seeing everyday. Considering the times, the best we can do is stay safe, and express our moods with prints we wear."

• Ice Tea

This Organic Ice Tea by BrewHouse is a healthier choice that has no added sugar. You can pick out of 5 different flavours if you're up for trying these yummies. Click Here to order today.

I love to carry a drink with me every time I step out. It a thirst quencher, and always a saviour when you're craving to sip on something handy. I'm currently sipping on Forest Berry and Peach flavour this month.

• Make-Up Kit

It's always good to have a quick fix ready when you're stepping out, especially when you have to wear a mask at all times. I'm in love with Kiko Milano's Vegan Konscious Range. Get your hands on these yummies by clicking here.

“These days, the basics are good to go. These essentials save you and help you achieve a smudge-free look at all times. I'd recommend to have a mascara, a lipstick, a blush-on with brush and a nail paint handy at all times.”

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