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The secret to surviving the #WFH trend: Cafes to work from in and around #SOBO

Since the pandemic has hit, many people are working from home, especially with businesses becoming more hybrid, where you work from home some days and in the office on others. If you work from home, it can get challenging to balance work and leisure since the environment remains the same for both.

The best solution to this problem and overcoming the new work from home trend would be distinguishing between your work and leisure environments. We have created a list of cafés to work from in Mumbai to strike the balance you need:

Zen Cafe, Kala Ghoda

Cafes to work from

Pricing: ₹ 800 for 2 (approx.)

Located within the quaint lanes of Kala Ghoda, Zen Cafe has quite a rustic vibe with its wooden furniture. The scattered chatter, the soft instrumental music playing in the background, and the presence of a few others working, who add to the atmosphere, make this a great cafe to work from in Mumbai. In addition to their strong WiFi, they offer delicious drinks like tea and coffee and some delectable vegetarian food!

Bombay Coffee House, Ballard Estate

Cafes to work from

Pricing: ₹ 750 for 2 (approx.)

Another great cafe to work from is Bombay Coffee House at Ballard Estate, which houses some of the best coffee and mouth-watering dishes. You will find several like-minded people working and tapping away on their keyboards, making it a great space to network, too.

Cafe Universal, Ballard Estate

Cafes to work from

Pricing: ₹ 1,100 for 2 (approx. & w/o alcohol)

One of the hubs for working people, Ballard Estate is famous for another cafe to work from, Cafe Universal, that serves authentic Iranian/ Parsi cuisine at a budget-friendly price. Make your day full of emails and meetings better with yummy comfort food.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Fort

Cafes to work from

Pricing: ₹ 700 for 2 (approx.)

Sometimes, when one is drowning in hectic emails, a cup of coffee is the best companion and what better place to go to than Blue Tokai, a great cafe to work from? With a wide range of coffees to choose from, you can get your favourite one to sip while you type away or attend calls.

Coffee By Di Bella, Peddar Road

Cafes to work from

Pricing: ₹ 500 for 2 (approx.)

Another great place that serves delicious coffee is Coffee by Di Bella. Along with coffee, they also have other beverages and to die for waffles that you must try! If your mood is low with all the work on your plate, the waffles on your plate will surely lift it, making this a fantastic choice of a cafe to work from.

The Pantry, Fort

Cafes to work from

Pricing: ₹ 1,400 for 2 (approx.)

There is no doubt that Fort has some great cafes to visit and work out of, adding The Pantry to the list. This cafe houses some delicious healthy food if you're health-conscious, but not missing out on fast food, too. The calm environment, free WiFi, the quaint decor makes it the perfect cafe to work from and to set your base.

La Folie, Kala Ghoda

Pricing: ₹ 800 for 2 (approx.)

La Folie offers some great dessert options you can enjoy to your heart's content. They say that a happy heart leads to a happy mind, which is definitely necessary for surviving workdays. The relaxing decor and vibe make it a great cafe to work from, making work enjoyable, something you need to get away from the monotony.

Mockingbird Cafe, Churchgate

Pricing: ₹ 1,700 for 2 (approx.)

Another cafe with a cosy vibe and free WiFi, both super important to create a great work environment, is the Mockingbird Cafe at Churchgate. With a wide range of cuisine available, you can fill your stomach up. If you're even looking to take a break, this cafe also offers books to read and board games to play if you have come with your colleagues/ team.

Although located in South Bombay, many have their franchise spread all over Mumbai. The above are just a few cafes to work from, whether freelancing or working full-time. Visit these cafes to spice up your work routine!

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