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The Hottest Makeup Moments of the Year Ft. Our Favourite Creator Looks

If makeup is your passion, you've come to the right spot. Every year we see some or the other makeup trend make a mark in the industry, filling our feeds with talented artists covering the look with their own twists and turns. Let's look at some makeup trends that blew up and will continue to slay this year with some of our fav creators donning the look!

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2022's trendiest makeup looks:

Vibrant Colours

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Vibrant Colours

A pop of colour can immediately elevate your makeup, taking your look from a 10 to 100! It could be a neon shade or a pastel one; you could add it all over your lid like Aashna Shroff did, or just in the inner corner— it makes all the difference to your appearance. You can decide the colour depending on your outfit or choose a contrasting shade, always making your eyes pop. Vibrant colours are perfect for any occasion, with their versatility allowing you to play around.

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Graphic Liner

Makeup trends of 2022, 2022 Makeup trends, Trendy makeup looks of 2022, 2022's trendy makeup looks. Graphic Liner
Graphic Liner

Graphic liner is the use of eyeliner to create lines and shapes with no particular definition and rules, allowing you complete freedom to apply a liner however you prefer! You can keep the rest of your makeup simple like creator and makeup artist Mayuri Varma chose to, and go artistic with the liner, letting your eyes do the talking. This look is one where you can let your inner artist out without any fear and can also opt for colourful liners to take your makeup up a notch!

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Bold Lips

Makeup trends of 2022, 2022 Makeup trends, Trendy makeup looks of 2022, 2022's trendy makeup looks, Bold Lips
Bold Lips

Bold lips are a statement and evergreen makeup look that will never get old! It's another look you can play around with, opting to keep everything simple and let the light shine on your lips like this look done by Ishani Mitraa or doing an overall bold look— either way, making you look fabulous. Bold lips pull a look together and are definitely a game changer, especially for those who struggle to do any other makeup!

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Under-eye Shadow

Makeup trends of 2022, 2022 Makeup trends, Trendy makeup looks of 2022, 2022's trendy makeup looks, Under-eye Shadow
Under-eye Shadow

We have always worn eyeshadow on our lids, but this makeup trend of 2022 had other plans! Started by an international content creator, Naezrah, this look involves applying colour under your lid, making your eyes pop refreshingly. Creator Samhita recreated this look with her own twist by adding white spots all over, slaying the concept, no doubt! You could do a rainbow moment or different contrasting colours to follow this beautiful trend.

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Soft Glam

Soft Glam, Makeup trends of 2022, 2022 Makeup trends, Trendy makeup looks of 2022, 2022's trendy makeup looks.
Soft Glam

The soft glam is similar to a no-makeup makeup look, giving off the illusion that you haven't applied anything! This trend is perfect for those who love applying makeup but not jazzy looks. Using soft tones like nudes and pinks in terms of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick, or a mix of both like the creator Hiba is donning, this makeup trend is ideal for any occasion, skin and age, requiring little to no effort but still making you look glam!

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'90s Lip

The image of creator Priyam Yonzon immediately takes you back to the '90s, especially with how she's done her lips. The '90s were all about liners and lipgloss, both making a strong comeback in 2022, even combined! This look involves lining your lip with a brown pencil and, without applying any lipstick going over your lips with lipgloss. It's simple yet looks amazing on anyone who chooses to don it.

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