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Key Influencers to Follow to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Who doesn't love to travel, whether around the world or within India itself! If you're looking to feed your wanderlust, start by following these influencers who caught our attention, to inspire the traveller within you!

Notable Influencers to follow for pin-worthy travel content:

Bruised Passports (Savi & Vid)

Self-made travellers and entrepreneurs Savi & Vid are a famous author-photographer duo that travel all around India and the world, exploring each place while documenting it through their Instagram. From cycling through the vineyards in France to enjoying coffee in snow-clad mountains, they've done it all, making one want to follow in their footsteps.

Follow Bruised Passports

Anunay Sood & Brinda Sharma

Travel-duo Anunya Sood and Brinda Sharma are perfect to follow if you want inspiration for your travels with your loved ones. Although both have separate pages to follow, they post the most adorable reels together, travelling every corner of the world. Both also post their travel shenanigans on YouTube, with Anunay Sood posting almost every day, giving us an insight into their adventurous life!

Follow Anunay & Brinda

Ayush Dewan Khurana

If you're looking for some luxury stays but can't judge where to go, follow hotel connoisseur Ayush Dewan Khurana, an author and avid traveller who has completed 500+ check-ins within and outside India. His series #Unlocked, as the name suggests, unlocks different luxury stays, giving us a look into them through his Instagram.

Follow Ayush Dewan Khurana

Shenaz Treasury

Previously famous for her roles in movies like Ishq Vishk, Shenaz Treasury has now put her talents into travelling, naming it her happiness project. She takes her followers on a journey through the mountains, cities and beaches, showcasing herself indulging in various adventures and spreading positivity all throughout with her content.

Follow Shenaz Treasury

Yash Rane

Go Pro ambassador and photographer Yash Rane's feed is filled with colourful content from various destinations he has visited, urging people who see his feed to explore them, too. Participating in the #365PostsIn365DaysCY challenge, he hasn't disappointed his followers and others with his content. His content varies from beautiful photographs to videos that are a quick gist of various destinations and their beauty.

Follow Yash Rane

The Vagabond Lawyer (Shivangi Sharma)

Lawyer turned traveller Shivangi Sharma curates stories for Discovery besides being a TEDx speaker and digital creator. Covering 29 states in 39 days, she calls herself The Vagabond Lawyer, travelling from one breathtaking spot to another, documenting it through her Instagram platform. You can see that several of her travel videos involves a furry friend that doesn't leave her side even as she adventures through places.

Follow Shivangi Sharma

Tanya Khanijow

Quitting the corporate world to follow her dream of travelling, Tanya Khanijow is living her life going around gorgeous places. She uses her Instagram and YouTube platforms to take her followers on trips with her, allowing them to live vicariously through her while inspiring them to travel. Her content is informative, catering to all those looking to travel around.

Follow Tanya Khanijow

Pallavi Mehra

Journalist Pallavi Mehra, published in several prestigious publications, also finds time to travel around. Using her #PallyWallyTravels, she takes her followers wherever she goes, with her recent adventures around Los Angeles. As a travel writer, she goes around different places, writing reviews about properties, and helping people to decide on their accommodation.

Follow Pallavi Mehra
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