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Shoutout To Some Top Breweries In Mumbai Serving Good Beer & Delicious Food

Simply put, a brewery is a place that brews its own beer, a worldwide concept, with each brewery having unique creations for people to enjoy. If you're residing in Mumbai, there are certain breweries you must check out, and the best part is that they also serve delicious food to pair with their beer, making it a wholesome meal!

P.S: We don't encourage under-age drinking. You must be of a legal age to indulge in beer.

Some of the Coolest Breweries in Mumbai:

Independence Brewing Co.

Breweries in Mumbai, Mumbai Breweries, International Beer Day, #InternationalBeerDay, Beer, IPA
Independence Brewing Company

Based out of Pune, Independence Brewing Company has opened its brewery in Mumbai. Having won several awards for being one of the 'Best Breweries', the brewery offers different beers like Lager, Cider, and Ale, besides IPA, Belgian Wit, and more. Although famous for their beer, they also serve other alcohol, cocktails, and mocktails. Each drink can be paired with their delicious Continental, Bar or Fast food style dishes that range from Hummus to Salads, Eggs in various styles, sandwiches, pizza, and various desserts, to name a few.

Location: Powai & Versova- ₹ 2,000 for two (approx.) with alcohol #TTSRecommends: Very Strawberry (Cider)- ₹ 200 onwards

Gateway Brewing Co.

Breweries in Mumbai, Mumbai Breweries, International Beer Day, #InternationalBeerDay, Beer, IPA
Gateway Brewing Company

Gateway Brewing Company brews beers in small batches and tweaks them until they don't have the perfect recipe to create delicious beers before they reach us. Their beers are unique and use locally sourced ingredients like malt, even re-using their yeast to be as environmentally conscious as possible. They are also proud of roasting their own speciality malts, something no other brewery might not do. Gateway Taproom is their eatery where they serve various beers, beer cocktails, and other alcohol, along with mouth-watering American and Continental cuisines, including seafood.

Location: BKC- ₹2,300 for two (approx.) with alcohol #TTSRecommends: White Zen- Price not disclosed


Breweries in Mumbai, Mumbai Breweries, International Beer Day, #InternationalBeerDay, Beer, IPA

Effingut wanted to share its passion for experimentation and beer by creating some legendary craft beers that connoisseurs and lovers all around can enjoy. Their brewery is in Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, offering food and beer, helping to venture away from the conventional. They aim to introduce different beer styles, some even global, with few recipes using local ingredients to highlight the Indian flavours. They serve Indian, Oriental, and Continental cuisines, giving equal importance to their food that pairs well with their preservatives, chemicals, and artificial additive-free beers, meads, and ciders, all for people to enjoy at their many infamous theme nights.

Location: Andheri & Colaba- ₹2,300 for two (approx.) with alcohol #TTSRecommends: Very Berry Cider- ₹ 345

Hapi Beer Co.

Hapi Beer Co. serves delicious Asian, Italian, and Continental cuisines involving finger foods and desserts to go with their beers. They brew beers having zero added preservatives, with the whole process, from grain to glass, taking place in-house using only the freshest locally sourced produce. They make sure to carefully package and store their craft beers, keeping the freshness, even using locally sourced yeast strains, all made through sustainable brewing techniques that minimize waste, filling their brews in reusable bottles. Their taproom is renowned for its #freshlycrafted beer, Hapi vibes, and karaoke nights!

Location: Bandra- ₹1,500 for two (approx.) with alcohol #TTSRecommends: Hapi Hibici- ₹299 onwards

Drifters Brewery

Breweries in Mumbai, Mumbai Breweries, International Beer Day, #InternationalBeerDay, Beer, IPA
Drifters Brewery

With the need to bring Eastern European handcrafted beers to the city, Drifters Brewery was born, a brewery that uses centuries-old processes passed down by the Czech through generations. They selected malt and hops from Czech as per their research, designing recipes in a way that Indians would appreciate, featuring a variety of brews so they could eventually expand across India. Their exploration led to the making of filterless handcrafted brews involving no preservatives, additives or glycerin. Their Tap Station is where the delicious food is at, serving Continental, North Indian, and Chinese, also hosting happy hours from Tuesday to Friday.

Location: Bandra- ₹ 2,000 for two (approx.) with alcohol #TTSRecommends: Cream Stout- Price not Disclosed

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