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Rainy Day Picnic Essentials For Those Who Are Feeling Adventurous

Monsoon season has officially started for some places, and it can be a bummer, especially when you have planned a whole day out with your kids and family over the weekend. But if you're someone who loves adventure and wouldn't mind getting a little wet, this is for you!

We have curated a list of essentials you might require on your adventurous picnic day. Don't forget to pack these things when you picnic on your terrace or in a park's gazebo near you.

Beach Bag

Beach Bag, Thabisa, Rainy Day Picnic, Picnic in the Rain, Rainy Day Out
Beach Bag from Thabisa

Beach Bags are perfect for a rainy day picnic as all your items in the bag will remain untouched by water considering the material it is made of, big enough to dump all your essentials in one place. Most beach bags have an inner lining so you can store your wet items in the bag without worrying about getting the outer area wet. Either way, your items remain safe!

#TTSRecommends: Beach Bags from Thabisa

Portable Parasol Canopy

Parasol Canopy, Ikea, Parasol Canopy from Ikea, Rainy Day Picnic, Picnic in the Rain, Rainy Day Out
Parasol Canopy from Ikea

You might be wondering what that is, right? Well, if you decide to picnic outdoors, even with the rains, this canopy will act as an umbrella when attached to a base, protecting you from the rain or even the sun. You might have to purchase the bottom differently; the product is definitely a saviour, especially when you're itching to go out, but the rains come in the way.

#TTSRecommends: Parasol Canopy from Ikea

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Waterproof Picnic Blanket/Mat from Scuddles, Waterproof Picnic Blanket/Mat, Scuddles, Amazon, Rainy Day Picnic, Picnic in the Rain, Rainy Day Out
Waterproof Picnic Blanket/Mat from Scuddles

No picnic is complete without a blanket, especially if you want to avoid sitting on the wet ground. You require blankets or mats that you can sit on without worrying about sitting on wet surfaces. It is advisable to invest in a blanket/mat that's easy to clean, where any dust particles or grass easily rolls off the mat, keeping it clean to carry back home.

#TTSRecommends: Outdoor Picnic Blanket from Scuddles available on Amazon.

Waterproof Sandals

Waterproof Sandals, Waterproof Sandals from Myntra, Myntra, Rainy Day Picnic, Picnic in the Rain, Rainy Day Out
Waterproof Sandals from Myntra

Even if you or your kids decide to get wet in the rain a little while enjoying your picnic, why not do it with comfort? Waterproof sandals allow you to enjoy the rain without worrying about splatters on your clothes, slipping on the floor, or ruining your footwear. If you're worried about your kids falling because of the rain, worry no more! Several brands have colourful sandals to pick from, so maybe you can consider matching with your entire clan too.

#TTSRecommends: Waterproof Sandals from Crocs

Waterproof Speakers

Waterproof Speakers, JBL, Waterproof Speakers from JBL, Rainy Day Picnic, Picnic in the Rain, Rainy Day Out
Waterproof Speakers from JBL

What's a picnic without some music? Invest in a waterproof speaker so you won't rush to put it away even if it starts to rain. It works like any other speaker, but it's waterproof. Pop on your favourite music as you spend your day with your loved ones, with no worries in mind!

#TTSRecommends: Waterproof Speakers from JBL

Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof Playing Cards, Waterproof Playing cards from Mattel, Waterproof Uno, Mattel, Uno Splash, Rainy Day Picnic, Picnic in the Rain, Rainy Day Out
Waterproof Playing Cards from Mattel

To truly enjoy a rainy day out, it is crucial to have waterproof items wherever possible. Make your picnic day out slightly more fun with some waterproof cards. Yes, you had that right! You can now get your hands on some waterproof cards, allowing you to enjoy playing card games without the worry of getting them wet.

#TTSRecommends: Uno Splash available on Amazon
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