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Our Favourites From The Brand That's Taking Over Globally & Locally— Crocs

Crocs are one of the most versatile footwear, loved and worn by all— internationally and nationally. The shoes come in various styles like clogs, sandals, and even wedges for women, their classics working best for all genders. Crocs also have the option to decorate the footwear with Jibbitz charms that take your Crocs up a whole other level. Today, we are diving into three of our favourite collections from the brand— available for men and women.

Top Collections from Crocs:


The Crocs Clogs are a classic from the brand, working as footwear people of all ages and genders can adorn. These are super comfortable, durable, and available in several styles and colours. For women, they have clogs available in flats and platform styles, all in different colours and prints. Even the men's collection offers clogs in various colours and patterns that are odour-resistant, easy to clean, and quick to dry. The crocs are water-resistant, making them the perfect pair for adventures and going out in the rain, allowing the wearer to walk in fashion.

Shop Clogs for Women here Shop Clogs for Men here


The Croc's LiteRide collection uses revolutionary closed-cell material that's soft and light compared to the traditional Croslite™ foam, making them a comfortable yet fashionable footwear. A shoe style for men and women, the LightRides come in different kinds and colours, available as sandals and shoes for women, engineered with a blend of science and magic. This lightweight footwear is perfect to don while travelling and indulging in activities like walking or trekking.

Shop LiteRides for Women here Shop LiteRides for Men here

Jibbitz Charms

Let your inner artists out with the Jibbitz charms from Crocs, available in different theme packs and super easy to use! From Spiderman to unicorns, Harry Potter, Disney, and many more, you'll find all kinds of Jibbitz to decorate your Classic Clogs. These charms are for kids and adults, working to elevate your shoes seamlessly. Whether going to the beach or for a party, go ham and have fun making a style statement with these Jibbitz. You can even customise your Crocs with personalised Jibbitz, decorating your clogs with your initials or pet name. With these charms, you can let your imagination run wild!

Shop them here

Brooklyn Wedges & Sandals

Crocs houses a selection of wedges and sandals, available in neutral shades, working as comfortable yet stylish footwear. Our top favourite from the collection has to be their Brooklyn range, made using premium leather with a footbed so comfy it feels like walking on clouds. These pair perfectly with skirts, trousers, and even dresses, showcasing how versatile Crocs is as a brand! You can now look dressy while your feet are relaxed with the gorgeous range of Brooklyn wedges and sandals.

Shop them here


The Crocs slides are available for men and women, perfect to wear around the house or while you step down to run errands. They are easy to wear but yet look smart, even allowing you to spice it up with some Jibbitz! Their Croslite foam makes this footwear, available in different fashionable colours and styles, super comfortable to wear. They provide the arch support one requires, an ideal footwear for the beach!

Shop Slides for Women here Shop Slides for Men here
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