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#NewLaunchAlert: India's First Social Currency Card That Lets You Encash Your Influence — WYLD

What is WYLD?

Content has become a crucial part of our daily lives, where people either work towards creating it or consume it! WYLD is a FinTech & MarTech startup that helps socially active users to earn while they shop, just for creating content for the brands they shop from. They offer a Phygital (physical+digital) card powered by VISA, where users can earn cashback through User Generated Content Marketing, by posting about their purchases on Instagram. They also have an App to guide users on how they can create content to maximise benefits from the WYLD community.

What Is A WYLD Score?

WYLD Prepaid Card, India's First Social Currency Card

An AI-based social scoring algorithm, a social metric tool, that rates and assigns a score to every user based on social parameters like follower count, reach, engagement, post frequency, etc. Depending on the score, users can earn cashback on every purchase with a partner brand, ranging from 30% to 100%.

Join The Bandwagon

WYLD Prepaid Card, India's First Social Currency Card

Follow @wyld.tribe on Instagram to join the waitlist, ensuring you follow their strict guidelines, which are:

  • Account must have 1000+ followers

  • Need to be a creator or business account

  • Must have a WYLD Score of 100 (out of 1000) to get verified (given by the algorithm)

Once you adhere to their guidelines and get approved, download the app to finish up the process with your KYC. Soon, you'll be able to go wild shopping and earn massive cashback!

To jump up the line for the waitlist, apply through this link:

Brands Under WYLD

WYLD Prepaid Card, India's First Social Currency Card

WYLD has partnerships with 100+ brands like Urbanic, boAt, Lets Shave, Chemist at Play, Lenskart, Organic Harvest, Snitch, ActivEat, Lee, Wrangle, Social, Smoke House Deli, Sassy Spoon, to name a few. The brands are across different sectors, from fashion to food, restaurants, and more.

How Does The Card Work?

Like any debit card, add money to your account to start shopping from the different brands, online and offline. If you wish to earn instant rewards and cashback benefits, there are some community guidelines to follow once you complete the purchase. The primary requirements are to post on Instagram, tag the respective brand and ensure the product is visible. The WYLD app will guide you on what the brands are looking for in terms of posting, sharing reference images, suggested captions, hashtags, handles to tag, etc.

Disclaimer: The community believes in no negative posting!

Check them out on: Instagram & their Website
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