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#NewInTown: Experience Europe with cocktails and good food at Bougainvilla

There is a new flower that's bloomed in town, and it's serving the most delicious dishes and classy cocktails, giving a little taste of Europe to all! Replacing the first floor of Lower Parel's Chin Chin Chu, Bougain Villa is the new all-day 'Bistro & Boulangerie' to be at, a great place to enjoy an evening with friends or even family, nestled right under a 100-year-old Banyan tree.

A meal at Bougain Villa reminds one of enjoying a gorgeous evening in a Parisian Bistro on a Parisian street with its chic decor and ambience. Bougain Villa, named after Bougainvillea, a beautiful vine-like shrub seen in various vibrant colours, adorns them around the place. Hammocks hanging outside surrounded by some gorgeous Bougainvilleas make it a picture-perfect spot, adding a pop of colour to your Instagram feed. As you enter, you can also find white Bougainvillea trees at the centre of this quaint place, surrounded by the seating area. With chic aesthetics resonated through the hand-painted tables, floor lamps, art installations, the all-white with hints of pastels is the perfect getaway.

Bougain Villa speaks all about flowers, fondues and all things French. Serving European-inspired cuisine with modern twists, Bougain Villa offers a wide selection of items, like breakfast from 9 am to 6 pm featuring waffles, pancakes, various styles of eggs, smoothies and fresh juices along with deli-food like sandwiches and burgers, and other dishes like fondues, pasta, pizzas, and more! It also serves a variety of desserts, making some on order, too. Not to forget the selection of cocktails and beverages, here's a look at what we indulged in at our exquisite evening at Bougain Villa:

Let the evening 'be-gin'!

Bougain Villa has a variety of cocktails to offer, from signature to classic, some Gin and Tonics, Wines, Champagnes and Beers. Their cocktails are curated with fresh fruits and flowers, capturing the essence of blooming flowers, sticking to the overall theme of the place. One can never go wrong with some gin cocktails, and we kicked-started our evening with just that! The signature cocktail Miss Lili immediately intrigued us as we read the ingredients. A concoction of Lavender Gin, Red Currants and Blueberries, the drink was the perfect cocktail, a highlight of the night. Another signature cocktail that caught our eyes as we saw it served on the table near us was the Birds & Bees signature cocktail, made of Blue Pea Flower Gin, Grapefruit, and Orange Blossom Honey. Both cocktails were gorgeous in colour, the former a deep maroon and the latter a beautiful lilac, both aesthetic options for great pictures. In addition to alcoholic beverages, Bougain Villa offers non-alcoholic drinks, serving indulgences for everyone.

Fond of Fondues

As we sipped away on our cocktails, the next phase of the evening was to dive into some delectable food. On recommendation, we ordered a Classic Cheese Fondue, a heavenly mix of Emmenthal, Gruyere, Swiss and Cheddar cheese, served with pesto croutons, a delicious combination. Every bite of the fondue coated crouton was a burst of flavour in the mouth, continuing to make our evening better! In addition to the classic fondue, one has the option to pick from three other tasty flavours of fondue.

'Avo' Avocado on Toast

Bougain Villa, Mumbai, #NewInTown, Experience, Avocado on Toast
Bougain Villa: Avocado On Toast

While we lost ourselves in the delicious cheese, our stomachs wanted something more! Another recommendation by the lovely servers of Bougain Villa was a good ole' Avocado on Toast from the sharing plates out of the other tasty options available. One can never go wrong with Avocado on Toast, a simple yet delightful dish, fulfilling and satisfying all the senses with every bite. Every ingredient used to create this goodness, from the bread to the avocados and the goat cheese, tasted fresh, making it a delicious treat for our taste buds. The Avocado on Toast was accompanied by some yummy hashbrowns, too.

Last but not the 'cheese'

Bougain Villa, Mumbai, #NewInTown, Experience, Baked Cheesecake
Bougain Villa: Baked Cheesecake

We ended the eventful evening of fun and food with a bang, indulging in one of Bougain Villa's best-sellers, their Baked Cheesecake! The sweetness of the cheesecake topped with the sour yet yummy blueberry puree was the perfect balance we didn't know we needed to end our meal on a good note. The cheesecake is soft and completely melts in the mouth, leaving us to crave more with every bite! That's not the only dessert available, as Bougain Villa offers other desserts like Tiramisu, different cakes, Panna Cotta, Crème Brûlée, and more desserts on order.

Key Takeaways

Bougain Villa is a great option to dine at if you're looking for some excellent European dishes with modern twists. Apart from the variety of dishes, whether starters, mains, desserts and various beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, being its highlights, other key highlights of Bougain Villa would be its pricing, the ambience and decor. Not only are you dining amongst some gorgeous interiors, but the music ties up the experience perfectly as you enjoy every bite of your meal. If you are ever looking for a place to enjoy a good brunch with your friends or family, Bougain Villa is the place to be! With its delicately curated hi-tea menu offering a wide selection of tea and coffees, it is ideal for any business meeting, too.

Bougain Villa, #NewInTown, Baked Cheesecake, Mumbai, Experience
Bougain Villa: Baked Cheesecake

#TTSRecommendation: It can get difficult to perfect a cheesecake, but Bougain Villa definitely hit the nail with their Baked Cheesecake a soon-to-be favourite of every dessert lover out there! Where: Bougain Villa, 71, Ground Floor, Dainik Shivner Marg Opposite Lady Ratan Tower, near St. Regis hotel, Upper Worli Opening Hours: 10 A.M. - 12 A.M. Cost for 2 (approx.): ₹ 1000 Reservations: 8976055750/8976055741 Check them out on Zomato.

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