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Must-Visit Bookstore Cafes In India For Book Lovers

Celebrate Book Lover's Day at these Bookstore Cafés, combining the satisfaction of starting a new book with relaxation from sipping your favourite beverage or indulging in some delicious food. We have handpicked a few bookstore cafes across India that we think you must visit if it's in your city! So, let's check them out.

Bookstore cafes across India:

Full Circle & Café Turtle (Delhi)

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Full Circle & Cafe Turtle (Delhi)

An independent, family-run bookstore cafe in Delhi, Full Circle & Cafe Turtle is the cosiest spot to grab your favourite drink and book, getting lost in both! They have all sorts of books, from fiction to non-fiction, children's books, those on spirituality, motivational books, and more. It is every book lover's dream with a side of mouthwatering food like pizza, pasta, salads, and soups, to name a few— courtesy of Cafe Turtle, creating the perfect ambience!

Check out Full Circle here & Cafe Turtle here Average Cost at Cafe Turtle: ₹1,200 for two people (approx.)

Oxford Bookstore & Cha Bar (Kolkata & Delhi)

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Oxford Bookstore and Cha Bar (Kolkata & Delhi)

Starting off in Kolkata in 2000, Cha Bar soon integrated itself into Oxford Bookstores pan India, a store almost all book-lovers are aware of in India. One will find variations of products in both— books for Oxford and Teas for Cha Bar. To choose their favourites from a wide selection of teas and books is an unwinding activity almost everyone would enjoy. Cha Bar features more than 150 teas besides bubble teas, milkshakes, hot chocolate, and various delicious dishes.

Check out Oxford Bookstore here & Cha Bar here Average Cost at Cha Bar: ₹ 700 for two people (approx.)

Crosswords & Third Wave Coffee (South Mumbai)

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Crosswords & Third Wave Coffee (South Mumbai)

Crosswords at Kemps Korner was an iconic spot for kids and avid book readers, always leaving us in awe of their book selection. When they broke the news of shutting down, it was heartbreaking for many who grew up reading and spending their summers in the store. But they soon revealed they were starting fresh, now also joining hands with Third Wave Coffee Roasters featuring superb coffee, teas, and different food dishes, all for the book-lovers to enjoy with their favourite read of the day!

Check out Crossword here & Third Wave Coffee here Average Cost at Third Wave: ₹ 700 for two people (approx.)

Dialogues (Bangalore)

Bookstore Cafes across India, Bookstore cafes in Delhi, Delhi Bookstore Cafes, Cafes with Book, Bookstore with Cafes
Dialogues (Bangalore)

The places mentioned above are examples of bookstore cafes where two parties have joined hands to offer the innovative concept of books and accompanying beverages meanwhile, Dialogues in Bangalore is a cafe, workspace and library of sorts, all independently. They are India's first time-model cafe where customers need to pay only for the time spent there, making it quite an affordable space for avid readers. Their food involves pasta, woks, stir fry, and more, including various drinks for people to enjoy while they get lost in their favourite books.

Check out Dialogues here Average Cost at Dialogues: ₹ 600 for two people (aprrox.)

Literati (Goa)

Bookstore Cafes across India, Bookstore cafes in Goa, Goa Bookstore Cafes, Cafes with Book, Bookstore with Cafes
Literati (Goa)

There are several quaint cafes in Goa, but this one is for the ardent book-lovers who read to relax. Like Dialogues, it is an independent bookshop and cafe housing several classics and collector's editions besides the antique and pre-loved books. They also offer signed copies of some incredible authors, creating the perfect ambience to enjoy a book with a cup of coffee, quite the hidden gem in Goa.

P.S: The Cafe might be shut and is said to be back soon, but you can still enjoy the books!

Check out Literati here Average Cost at Literati: ₹ 350 for two people (approx.)

The Coffee Cup (Hyderabad)

Bookstore Cafes across India, Bookstore cafes in Hyderabad, Hyderabad Bookstore Cafes, Cafes with Book, Bookstore with Cafes

The Coffee Cup is a book cafe where one can forget the hustle and bustle of life by getting lost in some delicious coffee and a book. The cafe has a rustic and vintage-like ambience featuring brick walls and a wooden veranda. The food offered at the cafe is home cooked with cuisines like Continental, American and Italian, the best companions with your beverage and book. Their book corner is quaint and involves a wide range of books to purchase and read, making them one of the notable book cafes in India, describing the award-winning cafe as a culinary love affair with life!

Check out The Coffee Cup here Average Cost at The Coffee Cup: ₹ 800 for two people (approx.)
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