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Luxury brands to check out for gifting this #GlobalDayofParents

Although it is imperative to appreciate parents all year round, #GlobalDayofParents is an extra special day to pamper them thoroughly with love and presents! #GlobalDayofParents is tomorrow, so if you still haven't decided what you'd like to gift them, don't look further; we have you sorted! Here's a quick gifting guide for you to take inspiration from, giving your parents all that they deserve.

Bags from Emporio Armani

Bags always adds oomph to a look, pulling it together, no matter who uses it. Emporio Armani has the perfect bags for outings, available in different styles and colours. They have a bag for every occasion and style for all genders, from slings to shoulder and messenger bags. Gift your parents a bag from this #GlobalDayofParents, adding a bit of style to their wardrobe.

Get the bags here.

Home Goods from Villeroy & Boch

Every person dreams of keeping their homes decorated with the best, so why not gift your parents some Villeroy & Boch items this #GlobalDayofParents to help them with just that Villeroy & Boch have cute letter mugs, vases for flowers, bowls and dishes to serve yummy food, and many more home items. Their crockeries have gorgeous prints you can pick from to gift, their vases look stunning as a showpiece, too, and they have a wide range and styles of glasses to enjoy a drink.

Get the home goods here.

Sunnies from Bottega Veneta

Every person must have at least one fancy pair of sunnies that complements every outfit they wear. Bottega Veneta has some of the finest and most stylish sunglasses one could possess, the perfect gift for #GlobalDayofParents. Help your parents save their eyes from the sun and look dashing with this gift, elevating any outfit they wear.

Get the sunnies here and here.

Scents from Naso Profumi

Naso Profumi has a wide range of scents that are super homey and smell amazing, in the form of candles or perfumes. This #GlobalDayofParents pamper your parents with some amazing scents from Naso Profumi. They have a wide range of scents and even some gifting packages. In the gifting packages featuring their perfumes and candles, you can choose to add a custom label, engraving or even a note, adding a personalised touch to the gift.

Get the scents here.

Watches from Panerai

Panerai is known for its gorgeous luxury watches that elevate any outfit, no matter the occasion. A Panerai is more than just a time-piece, it is an incredible #GlobalDayofParents gifting option, blending style and luxury with perfection. Panerai offers a wide array of statement dials and strap colours, made of innovative materials while being eco-conscious, offering a selection for all moods.

Get the watches here or at the Panerai boutiques.
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