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Keeping up with a lifestyle influencer— a look into their life

Who knew there would be a time when you could earn a living being an influencer? An influencer's job is a full-time one and may seem like only fun and games, but it has its hardships, too. It is significantly different from the regular 9-5, Monday to Friday job. You might be curious to learn what goes on in the life of an influencer, right?

As every influencer has their own way of life, here's a look into the life of a lifestyle influencer:

Morning Musings

Life of a lifestyle influencer, meditating, morning musings

Meditation is beneficial for the mind and well-being, so starting the day with morning musings is necessary. To gather the thoughts of the previous days and be with oneself, some calming music and a soothing candle work wonders. It helps figure out the day much better, helping to start on a good note.

A Bountiful Breakfast

life of an lifestyle influencer, breakfast, typical punjabi breakfast

Food solves almost any problem, which is why starting the day with a hearty breakfast is a must! Breakfast must include a cup of coffee to get through the day, sometimes paired with toast, and on weekends with a typical Punjabi breakfast with Puri and Bhaji! It's the best time to write down the to-do list, setting up the day ahead.

Ready to Rock & Roll

life of a lifestyle influencer, ready for the day

After satisfying the mind, stomach and heart, it is finally time to get ready for the day. Putting on the best outfit helps feel confident, making working through the day better. Depending on the agenda for the day, with an ensemble assembled, from accessories, outfits to shoes, a spritz of perfume and some makeup later, it's officially time to start the workday.

Starting the Show

It is finally showtime, with the days filled with different activities. On some days there are events to attend and on others some meetings. With events, it is all about networking, meeting influencers of all sorts, getting to know them, imparting and departing knowledge, indulging in activities while feasting on some delicious food and beverages. Other work that entails the influencer life would be creating and uploading content, shooting and editing videos, ranging from travel to food content or even unboxing a PR package! It could be either shooting at a studio or even at home. If WFH gets monotonous or hectic, working from the cafe is the ideal solution, surrounded by the waft of delicious coffee.

Breaking Business

life of a lifestyle influencer, taking a break with friends

After attending work calls and meetings, anyone is bound to get famished and needs a break. A lunch with the team or catching up with friends over delicious food is one way to take a break from business for a bit. No matter the work, a pause is necessary for the mind and body.

Undoing & Unwinding

After an eventful day, it is finally time to undo and unwind. After wrapping up any last-minute work, the first unwinding activity would be indulging in a warm shower to feel refreshed after a whole day out and about. Having your hair washed at the salon can also help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. After showering and perhaps dinner, reading is always part of the routine to unwind. A good 2 hours goes engrossed in the book of the week. Apart from reading, spending time with family is also very important. It could be catching up with them about the day or even watching a movie or show together.

That is only a glimpse into a lifestyle influencer's life. Get some more visual insights into the life of a lifestyle influencer by following The Talk Studio on Instagram!

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