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Issey Miyake's Notable Works: A Tribute to the Fashion Designer

Issey Miyake is a name forever etched in the minds of fashion lovers and connoisseurs, best known for his technology-driven clothing designs, fragrances, and bags. With over 50 years of experience, Issey Miyake believed in the concept of "A piece of Cloth", designing clothing that explores the relationship between the body and the clothes while highlighting the 2-D quality of cloth, producing garments using machine-made rolls of knit fabric pre-sewn or fused with finished patterns.

"There are no boundaries for what can be fabric". - Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake was one of the first Japanese designers to showcase his work in Paris, opening his first store there in 1975, with a total of 270 stores now. Several brands are under the renowned designer's name, like Issey Miyake, IM Men, 132 5. Issey Miyake, Pleats Please, Homme Plissé, A-POC Able, BAO BAO, me, HaaT, and Issey Miyake Parfums, to name a few. His craft of using technology to create commendable fashion has left a mark in the industry, with several of his collections/brands remaining evergreen!

Did You Know?

The iconic turtle-neck we always saw Steve Jobs don was a creation of Issey Miyake!

We'll explore some of the brands / collections under his banner that paved the way for fashion and will continue to do so.

Issey Miyake Brands/Collections:

Pleats Please

Japanese Fashion Designer- Issey Miyake, Issey Miyake, Pleats Please
Issey Miyake- Pleats Please

Pleats Please launched in the Issey Miyake line in 1988 and grew so much that it soon became a famous independent brand amongst women, launching its Spring/Summer Collection in 1994. For the collection, he used a unique "garment pleating" technique wherein the materials are developed from a single thread, then adding the pleats after sewing the clothes into shape. The collection is an amalgamation of fashion and functionality, being light and wrinkle-proof, not needing any dry cleaning, and can be easily stored in a compact size. It's comfortable and versatile enough to wear for all occasions, featuring jackets, dresses, pants, sets, and even bags. An ever-evolving collection, Pleats Please is a reflection of Issey Miyake's fundamental concept:

"Design is not for philosophy; it's for life".

Issey Miyake Parfums

Japanese Fashion Designer- Issey Miyake, Issey Miyake, Perfumes, Fragrances, Issey Miyake fragrances, Issey Miyaki parfums
Issey Miyake- Parfums

Issey Miyake was infamous also for his fragrances and colognes, featuring luxury perfumes loved by all fashion enthusiasts. With products for men and women, it was launched in 1992 with L'eau d'Issey as its first fragrance. The fragrance rediscovers an essential element— Water, which gave life to the iconic perfume, having reinterpretations with different facets throughout the year. L'eau d'Issey for women is a delight to the nose, having floral, aquatic and fresh essences, while the L'eau d'Issey pour Homme Collection features an aquatic freshness with a warm elegance of spices. Within the iconic line, there are different styles of fragrance for men and women, each with its unique notes but the element of water remains constant. Besides L'eau d'Issey, Issey Miyaki Parfums features 'A drop d'issey' for women and 'Fusion d'issey' for men amongst others.

Purchase the Issey Miyake fragrances here

Issey Miyake BAO BAO Bags

Japanese Fashion Designer- Issey Miyake, Issey Miyake, BAO BAO, Issey Miyake BAO BAO bags
Issey Miyake- BAO BAO

You might have seen this particular bag style several times, with its first introduction in 2000 under the Pleats Please line and then launched as a separate line in 2010. Loved by all globally, many brands started rolling out similar styles and copies of the bag once they saw a spike in its obsession. We are talking about the renowned Issey Miyake BAO BAO bags, an innovative bag featuring a geometric-style design of pieces arranged to infinite versatile shapes, per the brand. The triangular structure aims to change the dimensions of flat surfaces into three-dimensional ones, combining fashion and style with fun and uniqueness. The bags it offers come in various types, ranging from handbags, slings, backpacks, and even wallets, available in different colours and perfect to carry for any and all occasions.

Check the collection out here
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