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#InternationalWomensDay Special: Entrepreneurs adding value to the game of social media.

Social Media has become a crucial part of our lives, integrating into almost all aspects. With social media being a broad term, having multiple platforms and categories within, several factors need individual attention while being present on social media. Whether you're a brand or a personality trying to put yourself out there, social media is definitely one of the stepping stones toward success. Several agencies specialise in helping grow one's presence on social media platforms, with a few being women-led. This #InternationalWomensDay, we'd like to shed light on those women-led agencies providing their assistance and services to get successful and recognised on social media.

Here are a few women-led agencies, each specialising in a category that's important to grow on social media:


Founder: Puja Goyal

Goyé, led by Puja Goyal, is a boutique marketing agency that offers content, brand consultancy and social media services. Her agency offers these services for anyone looking to grow themselves or their brand in the digital space. Puja Goyal describes Goyé as an artsy and edgy world that curates narratives, experiences, compelling brand conversations and stories for Millenials/iconoclasts/change makers. She aims to communicate the reason for a brand or individual being, narrating their story through social media using tailored brand conversations, influencer campaigns, brand collaborations, content marketing, and social media strategy. This #InternationalWomensDay, grow yourself or your brand with Puja Goyal's Goyé, in turn supporting a woman-led agency.


Komal Kalwani (Senior Partner)

Strategia is a strategic business and marketing consulting firm handling premium and luxury brands in India. The firm is led by two strong women, with Sunaina Talwar Khiani as the Founder and Komal Kalwani as the Senior Partner. Strategia is there to help strategise how you can grow and put yourself out there in the digital space, either as a personality or your brand. They help with strategic business development, associations & partnerships, strategic PR & communications, events, influencer management and media planning. This #InternationalWomensDay, support Strategia and get yourself or your brand rolling on social media with the assistance of two powerful women and their team.

Nine Yards Communications

Shweta Iyer & Heetal Dattani (Founder & CCO) and Priya Jayaraman (Co-Founder & CEO)

Nine Yards Communications is India's first women's communication consultancy that helps achieve and fulfil all communication needs. With their passion for telling inclusive stories about women, the consultancy led by three powerful women helps brands create new communications and touch base on various points. The trio and women-led agency change and create user behaviour through design thinking, storytelling and digital interventions, backing ideas with impact, strategy with science and digital with data. This #InternationalWomenDay, support and join hands with an agency that will go the whole nine yards to help you get your communications as a brand or individual in place.

Networking Now India

Shaan Khanna (Founder)

Networking Now India is an initiative by Shaan Khanna for working individuals, especially entrepreneurs like herself, to meet and network with other people, growing their base and, hence leading to a growth in their businesses eventually. In her initiative, Shaan wants to facilitate the meeting and collaboration between various enterprises and partners to help them accomplish their goals. As an entrepreneur herself, Shaan supports her fellow women entrepreneurs and others with the magic of networking, an essential in today's business world. This #InternationalWomensDay, celebrate the woman who is supporting others in growing, and in turn, get support for your business, too. With Networking Now India, not only do you meet other aspiring and empowering entrepreneurs, but you get to make a lifetime of friends and allies who'd help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

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