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#InternationalWomensDay Special: Appreciating women that are giving fashion a new face.

With #InternationalWomensDay approaching, it's time to shed light on some of the most inspirational women. Women are fierce, strong and courageous, always fighting to get recognised enough in society. Several women excel in different fields, and today we are shedding light and appreciating those breaking barriers in the fashion space, slowly giving fashion a new face.

Many brands are part of the fashion world, and a few stand out as powerful women successfully lead them, creating a space for other women to feel confident in their products.

Here are some women-led fashion brands that deserve some more recognition and the inspiring women behind them:

The Leather Story

Aditi Kapur Chawla (Founder)

The Leather Story is a premium leather brand that offers a wide range of leather products to make organising stylish and effortless. Their products range from leather accessories to desk organisers, all created to fit the modern lifestyle. For Aditi, there were several challenges that she had to get through, being a brand that came up right before the pandemic and at the same time using authentic leather, which many might not accept. But, she stood her ground and stood for what she knows is right, successfully growing the brand— The Leather Story, not letting any hurdles come her way, one of the reasons why she deserves any and every appreciation this #InternationalWomensDay


Richa & Riya Kalra (Founders)

Sister duo Richa and Riya Kalra started Candyskin, an intimate apparel brand that offers lingerie, activewear and nightwear. It is a brand for women, by women, considering the body type and style of Indian women. They also keep the Indian weather in mind while creating their products, looking into every aspect possible and leaving none behind, each product manufactured with the most premium materials, all the while ensuring affordable pricing. It is a brand that many women can resonate with, and what's better than supporting a brand that's all about women on #InternationalWomensDay


Mehandee Meera Dureja (Founder & Creative Director)

Banjaaran is the vision of Mehandee Meera Dureja, taking inspiration from what is local and authentically represents India. In collaborations with artisans from places like Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Banjaaran identifies as India's Handcrafted Rebellion. Mehandee focuses on creating handmade shoes, using artisan production techniques passed down to generations. Banjaaran is a shoe artistry that values Craft, Expression and Rebellion. The motive of Banjaaran seems to be adding a touch of Indian to our everyday shoe wear, done extremely beautifully, no doubt. Each shoe with a unique design, varying from Indian prints to super cool illustrations, courtesy of Mehandee Meera Dureja, makes one want to keep exploring each piece, with how detailed and intricate the work is on them. It is time we shower a brand that is working towards putting Indian artistry out there and being run by a woman with love this #InternationalWomensDay

Seesaw Eyewear

Tanya Bedi Poojara (Founder)

Like adults, some kids, too, require specs, so to make wearing them a bit more comfortable, Seesaw Eyewear came to place, an eyewear brand specifically for children. Tanya’s focus primarily is to keep the eyewear design simple for children to wear. The aim is to enable styale along with comfort while playing around while engaging in childlike activities without worrying about the glasses to fall. There is a wide range of eyewear, with fun designs and colours, making it fun for kids to wear it, too. They come in packaging that kids can further use to store their other knick-knacks. Glasses can get uncomfortable at times, even for adults, which is why a brand that focuses on fun eyewear that kids can wear with no worry is applaudable, notably when run by a woman, this #InternationalWomensDay

While representing different spheres of the fashion space, each brand has one thing in common: they are all led by dynamic women entrepreneurs changing the way fashion is perceived, adding their own flair, and facing the challenges head-on. So, let us appreciate all the hard work they put into these brands this #InternationalWomensDay

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