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#InternationalWomensDay Special: Appreciating women entrepreneurs excelling in the food space.

With many notable players on the market, the F&B industry is booming. Many women are leading this sector too, like in the fashion industry. During the pandemic, the F&B market did see a slight downfall, with restaurants remaining shut for a long time, but many found a way to keep the industry going, starting their business at home. As #InternationalWomensDay gets closer, let's appreciate those women that, against all odds, either continued their work out of the house or started their own business, still contributing to the F&B sector.

Here are a few F&B brands we'd like to appreciate, support and shed light on this #InternationalWomenDay:

Home Baked

Anita Mehra (Founder)

If you're looking for healthy home-baked goods, 'Home Baked' is the place for you. Home Baked is the brainchild of Anita Mehra, providing guilt-free gourmet treats to devour. Home Baked offers mouth-watering granola delicacies in flavours like Multigrain Orange, Mocha Maple, and Amaranth Apricot that can be enjoyed with your breakfast or dessert, topped onto your cereal or even yoghurt, tasting incredible in every way. Along with granola, Home Baked also specialises in Puff Bhel, an assortment of roasted wheat, ragi, amaranth puffs mixed with spices and peanuts, a great healthy snack option. So, why not commemorate #InternationalWomensDay with some treats, supporting a homegrown brand run by a woman!

Nanjo's Kitchen

Nandita Bedi (Founder)

Nanjo's Kitchen is a Home Kitchen run by two friends, Nandita Bedi being one of them. If you are ever looking to satisfy your cravings for some home comfort food, Nanjo's Kitchen is the way to go, a home kitchen where love is the main ingredient. They offer a wide variety of rice, dal, sabzis to pick from, creating a proper meal. As an outstation student or even employee living in Mumbai who cannot cook for themselves, or any individual who needs assistance with meals due to circumstances, Nanjo's Kitchen is the perfect option. This #InternationalWomensDay, enjoy some 'Maa ka hath ka khana with Nanjo's Kitchen.


Neelu Chadha (Founder)

Gifting can get confusing at times, especially when everyone has their personal likes and dislikes with items or products. But, one can hardly go wrong in gifting hampers, particularly food hampers, as it involves a variety of options within it. Riwayatt by Neelu Chadha curates the perfect hampers for gifting, featuring some delicious snacks and treats options. They personalise and curate hampers depending on the occasion, no matter a wedding, festival or any other celebration. Going by the phrase 'Curating for your happiness', Riwayatt will come to your rescue for luxury hampers, wedding hampers, baby shower hampers, and much more! This #InternationalWomensDay, gift the women you appreciate a personalised hamper from them, in turn supporting a woman-led brand, too.


Shivani Sharma (Founder)

Gourmestan by Shivani Sharma specialises in gluten-free confectionery and bakery products such as bread, cakes, brownies, biscotti, handcrafted cheeses, crackers, tarts, and more! She also specialises in cheese platters, a great gifting option. In addition to Mumbai, Gourmestan is available in Delhi and Goa, with a cafe at Goa, making the products more accessible to a larger audience. Even if you're throwing a party and looking for someone to set up a grazing table with some delicious gourmet products, Gourmestan will happily do that, too. A woman-led brand, Shivani is doing wonders in the food and beverage industry, being recognised by many as she deserves it. Celebrate #InternationalWomenDay with some of her delicious delicacies, giving her all the support she requires.

All these women work day and night, balancing work and personal life, while still fighting down the barriers that society puts up for working women, all the while succeeding or making some difference to the F&B space. It is time we start recognising and supporting them, not only on #InternationalWomensDay but throughout the year!

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