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#InterantionalDragDay: Celebrating Some Drag Queens Of India

Drag Queens, usually males, wear exaggerated makeup and clothing to imitate female gender signifiers, mainly for entertainment purposes. It may seem like general makeup, but it takes a lot of talent and artistry to create stunning looks— specifically transforming from a male to a female flawlessly, which is essentially what drag queens are known to do! With it being #InternationalDragDay, we have curated a list of uber-talented drag queens of India, some famous while some still budding, who caught our eye!

Drag Queens who are currently slaying it:

Sushant Divgikr/ Rani KoHEnur

Drag Artists of India, Drag Queens of India, Indian Drag Queens, Sushant Divgikr / Rani KoHEnur
Sushant Divgikr / Rani KoHEnur

Sushant Divgikr, aka Rani KoHEnur, is a drag icon of several talents like singing, acting, and psychology, having come under Forbes 30 under 30- Asia class of 2020, to name a few. Sushant is India's Mainstream Drag Icon and winner of Mr Gay India 2014 and became the epitome of drag, having gone through a lot to get where he is now. Many look up to him as a drag artist, while many as a notable and talented queen of all trades, a role model for whoever knows Sushant and his skills.


Patruni Chidananda Sastry

Drag Artists of India, Drag Queens of India, Indian Drag Queens, Patruni Shastry
Patruni Shastry

Patruni Shastry is a classical expressionist dancer while also being a drag artist, honing skills in both areas. Patruni is India's first ever drag artist to be married to a cisgender heterosexual woman and has been performing tranimal drag under the name Suffocated Art Specimen (S.A.S), giving an Indian approach to this drag style in his own unique ways. Patruni has performed at various places under the name S.A.S, also being listed as the top performer, while also co-founding an online website for the drag community— Dragvanti, adding to Patruni's list of talents.


Maya The Drag Queen / Alex Matthew

Drag Artists of India, Drag Queens of India, Indian Drag Queens, Maya the Drag Queen
Maya the Drag Queen

Bangalore-based Alex Matthew who goes under the name Maya the Drag Queen or Mayamma, like the other drag artists hons several skills like working as an actor, Emcee, is a TEDx speaker and an influencer. Maya uses her platform to make the Indian audience aware of drag as a concept, considering it's fairly new, educating people on the fact that drag is a form of art and the performer could be of any gender or sexual orientation, fighting to break any stereotypes revolving around drag, being an inspiration to many!


Mark Mascarenhas / Tropical Marca

Drag Artists of India, Drag Queens of India, Indian Drag Queens, Mark Mascarenhas / Tropical Marca
Mark Mascarenhas / Tropical Marca

Mark Mascarenhas, aka Tropical Marca, is the first Indian Drag artist to release a music video, a huge progress for the LGBTQIA+ community of India, while also honing skills like being an entertainer, fashion icon and, rapper. Mark was seen walking the Lakme Fashion Week ramp as well, last year for Chola the Label. Tropical Marca's talent can be seen on Mynta's Fashion Superstar— a reality show on a hunt to search for social media fashion influencers in a unique format.


Betta Naan Stop / Prateek Sachdeva

Drag Artists of India, Drag Queens of India, Indian Drag Queens, Betta Naan Stop / Prateek Sachdeva
Betta Naan Stop / Prateek Sachdeva

Known as the Indian drag queen with the best dance moves, Prateek Sachdeva, aka Betta Naan Stop, is a Delhi-based artist and also a lip-syncing queen. Performing drag for more than 3 years, she gets her drag inspiration from women in the entertainment industry, showcasing various characters flawlessly. Prateek Sachdeva is slowly making his way up the drag ladder, performing at various big clubs as a drag artist, giving the people a taste of her talents as a drag queen, and even going on tours!

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