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Notable international labels with Bollywood actors as brand ambassadors

Indian celebs are slowly getting recognised internationally, also becoming brand ambassadors for several big brands. Here are some celebrity ambassadors that perfectly fit the role.

Indian celebrities as brand ambassadors that just make sense:

Ranveer Singh for Gucci x Adidas

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Ranveer Singh for Adidas x Gucci

Gucci and Adidas, two big names in their respective fields, joined hands to curate a collection of some impressive pieces. It was inevitable that a collaboration of this calibre between two stylish brands would require the face of an eccentric person, leading to Ranveer Singh, Adidas's brand ambassador and India's very own Gucci boy, marking the collection's launch. He took to social media to unveil some of his favourite looks from the line, creating a phenomenal hype in the fashion world globally earlier this year. The collaboration showcases the heritage of both brands with a mix of lines and stripes playing out across the ready to wear. We are sure to find Ranveer Singh donning this collection often.

Deepika Padukone for Louis Vuitton

Deepika Padukone for Louis Vuitton, Deepika Padukone as brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton, Deepika Padukone, Indian Brand Ambassadors, Indian Celebrities as Brand Ambassadors
Deepika Padukone for Louis Vuitton

Deepika Padukone made history by being named the first-ever Indian brand ambassador for the luxury brand— Louis Vuitton. The French luxury house has been in existence for more than 165 years, spending 19 years in the Indian market, opening up its first store in 2003 at Delhi's Oberoi Hotel. It is a big success for the Indian industry to be recognised by a brand of such a scale, with Deepika Padukone now representing our country. Her poise and sophisticated aura make her the perfect choice! Deepika Padukone was seen sporting Louis Vuitton several times, even being the first Indian celebrity to be in their brand campaign in 2020. Deepika had also quoted to a publication that “There are some things that are aspirational and then there are some things that are just completely out of your orbit. My association with Louis Vuitton is the latter.” She was also seen donning the brand at the Festival of Cannes, and will soon be seen sporting the brand more.

Taapsee Pannu for Vogue Eyewear

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Taapsee Pannu for Vogue Eyewear

Vogue Eyewear recently launched their new summer campaign featuring Taapsee Pannu as their brand ambassador. The campaign inspires people to express the best version of themselves in fashionable ways. The campaign video showcases Taapsee donning the latest collection while an 80's song paying ode to Kishore Kumar plays in the background. Vogue eyewear is a big name in the eyewear industry, making Taapsee being their brand ambassador for India a huge deal. The campaigns key message is to let people know Whoever You Are Let People See You, which is beautifully showcased by Taapsee Pannu, making her the right fit. She has always been an advocate for embracing her true self, which is why her being the campaign ambassador just made sense. With regards to the campaign she says: “We’ve crafted the film with an intention to convey the sense of unfaltering confidence and power that comes from self-assertion and making oneself visible, no matter who or where they are”

Mrunal Thakur for Nair

Mrunal Thakur for Nair, Mrunal Thakur as brand ambassador, Mrunal Thakur, Nair, Mrunal Thakur as Brand Ambassador for Nair, Nair India, Indian Brand Ambassadors, Indian Celebrities as Brand Ambassadors
Mrunal Thakur for Nair

America's number 1 hair removal brand Nair introduced itself recently in the Indian market. With its introduction to the market, they named Mrunal Thakur as the face of the brand in India, featuring her in their campaign video. Mrunal Thakur is an upcoming actress, starring in several movies, with the recent one being Jersey with Shahid Kapoor. As Nair got into the Indian market, they knew it had to be done with a bang, hence choosing Mrunal Thakur as she resonates with the brand's personality attributes. The campaign was all about freedom and to be able to do things, whether in a right or wrong manner, something that Mrunal Thakur stands for. With her being the brand ambassador, she envisions to reach the masses, wanting everyone to feel comfortable and free.

Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan for Fossil

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Kriti Sanon & Varun Dhawan for Fossil

Fossil is an American watch and accessory brand that has weaved its way into the Indian fashion industry with its products. The collection available is for all genders, showcased by Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan as the brand ambassadors from India. Their personalities perfectly match the brand's ethos and each other's energy, making them the perfect choice.

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