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Homegrown Ice Cream Brands Around India To Try!

Ice cream can solve almost all issues and is the perfect companion for every occasion! Several big brands serve multiple flavours, and we have many emerging homegrown ones, some offering artisanal and handcrafted ice cream in small batches. Here's a handpicked list of brands around India to try out, melting all your problems away one lick at a time!

Homegrown & Artisanal Ice Cream Brands of India:

Jigar Ice Cream

Location: Mumbai

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Jigar Ice Cream

Making over 100 flavours of ice creams, Jigar Ice Cream ensures they prepare the best products using the highest and purest ingredients, their priorities focusing on quality, safety, and consumer satisfaction. Over several years they have worked to launch variants like sugar-free, protein, keto, and vegan ice cream, keeping up with the evolving times. A mix of classics and unique ones, they offer flavours like Belgian Chocolate, Pistachio, Rose Petal, Blueberry Cheesecake, Coffee Walnut, Jamun, French Vanilla, and more! They have been an ice cream manufacturer in the B2B space for 30+ yrs, delivering all over Mumbai and serving 100% Pure Vegetarian items.

Order here Price: ₹ 250 onwards #TTSRecommends: Sea Salt Caremal (₹ 400)

Omm Nom Nomm

Location: Bangalore

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Omm Nom Nomm

Omm Nom Nomm is by a city-based couple serving luxury French Ice Cream in flavours like Apple Spice, Dark Belgian Cacao, Peppermint Happy Chip, Rose Bliss Raspberry, and many more! Their operations started a couple of years ago and have expanded their presence on platforms like Swiggy and Zomato. Their ice cream involves eggs, a key ingredient for French ice-creams, and uses good quality ingredients, no preservatives or additives, tasting super rich! The flavours are available in 200 ml tubs, turning into a delivery-only system post the lockdown.

Order here or through Zomato and Swiggy Price: ₹ 240 onwards #TTSRecommends: Sticky Gooey Fudgy Brownie Ice Cream (₹ 250)

Chubby Cheeks Creamery

Location: Delhi

Homegrown Ice cream, Artisanal Ice Cream, Handcrafted Ice Cream, Homegrown Ice cream in Delhi, Artisanal Ice Cream in Delhi, Handcrafted Ice Cream in Delhi
Chubby Cheeks Creamery

Curating ice creams in small batches, serving the freshest to those who order, Chubby Cheeks Creamery takes its name after the founder— Ayesha's black lab featuring the chubbiest cheeks! They have eight flavours, Almond Nut Crunch, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Cookies N Cream, Pick Me Up Coffee, Mint Cookie Feast, Very Dark Chocolate, Coorg Vanilla Bean, and Berry Berry Strawberry. Following all the safety protocols, they take their orders over WhatsApp. Working as traditionalists, they make their ice cream in an old-fashioned way, using the best ingredients like cream, milk, sugar, salt, and eggs, taking at least four days to curate them.

Order through 9311022991 Price: ₹ 550 onwards (2 sizes: 1/2 litre and 1 litre) #TTSRecommends: Almond Nut Crunch (₹ 850 for 1/2 litre i.e. 500 ml)

Olivia Artisanal Ice Cream

Location: Kolkata & Delhi

Homegrown Ice cream, Artisanal Ice Cream, Handcrafted Ice Cream, Homegrown Ice cream in Kolkata, Artisanal Ice Cream in Kolkata, Handcrafted Ice Cream in Kolkata
Olivia Artisanal Ice Cream

Promising to bring artisanal ice creams and happiness at home, making you fall in love at first bite, Olivia Artisanal Ice Cream is crafted safely at their creameries in Delhi and Kolkata. They have flavours like Mixed Berry Panna Cotta, Lime Sorbet, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and Nutella Mousse, to name a few; each tub handcrafted in small batches using the best ingredients, fresh seasonal fruits, with rich cocoa and chocolate. Even offering sugar-free and vegan flavours catering to the health-conscious, their ice creams are to order for yourself and for gifting purposes. They also have items like Mac-Cream (Ice Cream-filled Macaroons), Tiramisu Ice Cream Log, Mint Oreo Ring, and Chocolate Overload, each featuring ice cream, perfect for those who want a balance of it with dessert.

Order for Kolkata here and Delhi here Prcie: ₹ 549 onwards #TTSRecommends: Biscoff (₹ 640)

Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

Location: Chennai (Delivering Pan India)

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Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

Believing in great ingredients makes a great product, Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream is Chennai-based but delivers pan India. They partner with the best local suppliers, making fresh, artisanal, all-natural ice creams and sorbets daily. With flavours like Caramelized White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Trifle Pudding, and more, even offering ice cream cakes, sandwiches, bars, and more, all made from scratch. Putting great focus on quality, value, service, and fun, everyone indulging in their rich ice cream is sure to enjoy every bite they take, only consuming the finest! The variety available flavour and item-wise allows everyone to enjoy some ice cream, as they also offer vegan options.

Order here Price: ₹ 240 onwards #TTSRecommends: Hot Fudge (₹ 420)

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