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FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 collections to take inspiration from this wedding season

Fashion week always brings out the best inspirations for every occasion and season as designers showcase their collections. After a two year hiatus, fashion week took place in Delhi this year, introducing the world to impressive collections by different designers.

As people missed out on celebrating the auspicious day of marriage, too, due to Covid, the wedding market is rising. Even as we enter the offseason, many choose to have their weddings now, taking full advantage of restrictions finally relaxing. Get inspired by the looks and collections from the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 if you're getting married or attending a wedding and looking for trendy outfits.

Here are some looks from FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 to get inspired by this wedding season:

Flamboyant Fashion- aLL

aLL: The plus-size store showcased its collections filled with floral prints and tropical tints, vivid colours and stylish contemporary trends. Summer has approached already, and it can get super hot during morning ceremonies. aLL's motive is to show that fashion is for everyone and there should be no limitations due to body types. Their collection at the fashion week is ideal for the season because of the tropical and floral prints, perfectly showcasing and matching the summer vibes. One can wear them during a pool party or even a sundowner that many hosts as part of their wedding celebrations.

Key Theme: Massive & Flamboyant Fashion with vivid colours, floral prints, tropical tints, tie-dye designs and contemporary style.

Diffuse- Manish Malhotra

Almost all weddings now have a cocktail or sangeet night, either mixed together or as separate occasions. Manish Malhotra's "Diffuse" collections for Fashion Week were all about eccentric looks. The collection features an eclectic mix of blacks, reds, pinks,

purples, blues, greys, and gradients. The entire collection could be worn as evening wear and included embossed ensembles, breezy kaftans, bedazzled tops, feather rimmed sarees, and sequinned sarees.

Key Theme: Eclectic mix of signature Manish Malhotra elements like metallic sequins, tassels, beads, feathers, Swarovski, in a blend of colours.

Java- Payal Pratap, in collaboration with Bemberg

Sustainable fashion is a trend that several brands and designers alike are jumping on, as customers, too, look for such fashion, and rightly so. At Fashion Week this year, Payal Pratap, in collaboration with Japanese brand Bemberg, showcased sustainable clothing jackets, skirts, pants, wraparound bodices and more. The collection uses extensive flowers, leaves, trees, vines and bird motifs, prints appropriate for a Mehendi or Haldi ceremony, highlighting sustainability. The vivid colours, from indigo tones to deep shades of burgundy, ivory, brown, rust, brick and gold, form myriad patterns of dots and strokes, ranging from flora to fauna.

Key Theme: Nature related motifs in a blend of vivid colours, with the designs transitioning from flora to fauna created by myriad patterns of dots and strokes.

Clothing from Agriculture Waste- Divyam Mehta, in collaboration with AltMat

In collaboration with AltMat, an alternative materials company that transforms agricultural waste into natural fibres and yarns, Divyam Mehta's collection for Fashion Week views the dressing style of Orissa's Kondha tribe through a perspective lens, adding his unique poetic spin to it. Textured fabrics with a matrix of Kantha stitches and graphic French knots, khakhas— a poetic rendition of simple dots and lines seen across the collection featuring long tailored jackets, trousers, cocoons like drapes and odhanis. A hybrid of draping, modern patterns, patterned silhouettes, rows of daring stitches and hand-tailoring make up this collection that exudes minimalism fashionably, great for wearing at a reception party during a wedding, fitting for an evening of celebration.

Key Theme: Modern patterns, rows of daring stitches like the Katha stitches and graphic French Knots, Khakhas— poetic interpretation of simple dots and lines, and hybrid draping.

Originals by Parley- Addidas originals, in collaboration with Antar-Agni & Khanijo

This collection showcased a perfect blend of effortless style and innovative sustainability, with the sneakers in the collection made with a yarn that contains at least 50% Parley Ocean plastic that is re-imagined plastic waste, and the other half being recycled polyester, making this collection of effortless style a sustainable one. For the collection, Khanjio took inspiration from the circus, presented through a mish-mash of handlooms, indigenous embroideries, artisanal textiles, celebrating Indian craftsmanship in an artful streetwear collection. Antar Agnis presented a new expression of the brand's design aesthetics with graphic prints and bold colours. If you're looking to wear something that's modern with an Indian touch, this collection is exactly what you need.

Key Theme: Artful streetwear collection that celebrates Indian craftsmanship with a mix of handlooms, indigenous embroideries and artisanal textiles, showcasing a new expression with graphic prints and bold colours.

OH Dopamine- Outhouse

Weddings are incomplete without any accessories, especially a bag where you can store all your essentials, keeping in mind your outfit, too. At Fashion Week, Outhouse showcased a new viewpoint of jewellery and accessories with their collection OH Dopamine, a free-spirited experimental take on jewellery and accessories for all. The collection entailed vibrant colours but also a grungy edgy quality to it. It was a perfect mix of colourful beads, pearls, resin, feathers, rhinestones, raffia and enamel. The statement pieces like neckpieces, brooches and rings are quintessential jewellery that amps up your wedding outfit. The collection involved bags and accessories that were innovative in design, strong but trendy and had fashionable hardware with motifs for the jewellery and functional leather pieces, celebrating the concept of maximum minimalism.

Key Theme: Vibrant colours with an edge of grunge mixed with colourful beads, pearls, resin, feathers, rhinestones, raffia and enamel, showcasing a strong but trendy fashion.

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