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Exploring India— a wishlist and guide to some of the most exotic places of India

The world is slowly getting back to normal, and travel restrictions are finally easing out, getting everyone excited to explore and go on trips again. While international travel is allowed, there are enough exotic places within India itself to explore. Travel agencies offer luxury packages that include staying at fancy hotels, transfers, and even activities, that are customisable, making life easier.

Here's a list of places we'd love to visit this year:


Rajasthan is a beautiful state with several cities to visit, each filled with some historical significance, intriguing enough to scour. From the pink city (Jaipur) to the heart of Rajashthan (Ajmer), each place is gorgeous and unmissable. Many travel agencies offer several luxurious packages involving travelling around the city, exploring, and indulging in local and popular activities.

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While planning trips to islands like Bali and the Maldives, we tend to forget the beauty existing within India— Andaman. The pristine beaches with white sand between the toes and stunning scenery make it the perfect getaway for you and your spouse or even with your friends. The serenity is all that we need after the two hectic years in lockdown.

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We all know Kashmir is known as the paradise of India, and there's no doubt about that. The snow-clad mountains, the cold wind hitting your face, indulging in some delicious Maggi that spreads warmth all over your body is all that we need! Sightseeing the best places, a shikara ride on the Dal Lake and even a Gondola ride in Kashmir sounds like a dream come true.

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North East

Like the Andamans, many people tend to forget a beauty like the North East exists while they are busy dreaming of travelling internationally. The North East has a few underrated gems that not many talk about, but we are sure to not miss out on those. It is a gorgeous place to even go for a honeymoon, spending your days amidst the mountains with your loved one.

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The Golden Triangle

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, included in the golden triangle of India, are all some of the most historical and stunning places to visit. If you are an art lover, these places will have your heart, with the various monuments and intricate designs that make them keeps you in awe of the beauty India hides sometimes. Visit the beautiful Mughal-era monuments and grand temples, even staying at some of the most luxurious hotels, all that one requires for the perfect getaway!

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India sure has some great places to explore, but these are a few that are definitely on top of our bucket list to visit this year!

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