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Exploring Forest of Chintz– A New Contemporary Accessories & Lifestyle Brand

Several local brands in India are killing it in the jewellery industry, each having its own USP. Recently, Mumbai experienced the opening of a new contemporary jewellery and lifestyle brand— Forest of Chintz, in Mahalaxmi. The love child of Sumangali Gada and Nitai Mehta, Forest of Chintz, makes never-seen-before statement jewellery, bags, clothes and accessories, especially for those who are style and fashion-conscious. Both Sumangali and Nitai, who have over 20 years of experience in the international fashion world, were looking to create an experiential art-gallery space for Forest of Chintz, and they found the right spot. The interiors are designed by Shimul Javeri Kadri (SJK Architects), taking inspiration from the steep wells of India. The faux grey IPS finish works as a great backdrop to the products, making it stand out as it should!

Opened in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, Forest of Chintz's USP is reimagining traditional craft techniques, drawing designs from cultures and speaking in a new age voice. Housing several unique collections, each inspired by diverse and fascinating elements of life, using various textures, colours and beads, Forest of Chintz is a space that is not only about displaying products but also about design and culture as a whole. It is for those women who are not afraid to make a statement in the world, beautifully showcasing it in their modern yet whimsical designs.

Here's an insight into some of the collections displayed at Forest of Chintz you must not miss:

Polka Mania

Inspired by the magnificent sea anemone, temporary patterns and Japanese art, Polka Mania uses bold colours, unique ice beads, seed beads and micro-beads in different shapes and sizes. Texture, light, and shadow are constants in the collection's multi-layered and detailed items, featuring accessories such as scarves and clutches and jewellery like earrings.

Cool Picks

The Cool Picks collection takes inspiration from travel, pop culture and modern art, showing us texture, colours, and trends all in one. Embroidered with bugle beads, coloured seed beads, threads in different colours, tiny sequins, teardrop stones and pearls, this collection is a riot of colour and design. It is the perfect collection for those women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Forest Floor

The Forest Floor collection is all about magical creatures, the stunning flora and lush rainforests, using a mix of seed beads, bugle beads, crystals, playing around with colours, textures, and Resham that intricately interplay together, creating a fusion of shapes and hues. The collection cohabitates in the forest amongst others showcasing nature in all its glory.


The Stratum collection interprets the many layers of the Earth found in nature to give you cutting-edge jewellery. This collection, constructed with a myriad of layers that add depth, volume, and dimension to the products, uses faux suede. The jewellery pieces like the necklaces and earrings showcase the layers of the Earth's strata, highlighting its beauty, making it a contemplative and contemporary collection.

Talking Heads

Talking Heads collection, Forest of Chintz
Talking Heads

The Talking Heads collection may not feature jewellery, but it is a concoction of embroidery, art and sculpture, with one of a kind pieces that stand out and make a statement, showcasing the brand's true nature. The collection is quirky, experimental and unique, embroidered using micro bugles, sequins with a patine finish, seed beads, metallic elements, fabric strips, and other materials.


Metallica collection, Forest of Chintz

The Metallica Collection uses a variety of metallics, considering metals and metallic materials bring sophistication, style and glamour to their pieces. The metals in rich tones of gold bronze, silver, and gunmetal are integral to the embellishments. The collection is delicately embroidered, with chunky, artsy and industrial aspects, making a multitude of statements reflected by the attitude of the wearer.


Gothic collection, Forest of Chintz

The Gothic collection is all about making dark and emo aesthetics luxurious and glamorous. It features accessories and bags handcrafted using oversized crystals and feathers, spikes, studs, chains, bullion and all things gothic, screaming attitude and luxe.

Don't forget to visit the store and experience a space all about design, art, culture, accessories, jewellery and more! Check them out on Instagram, too.

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