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Do us a favour and follow these precautious steps before playing #Holi?

If you're planning to celebrate #Holi2022 with a big bang, don't forget to take the correct precautions to avoid any damage to your skin. Although almost everyone has shifted to using organic and herbal colours, there might be a few people who still use the OG Gulal without anyone noticing the difference. That is when you'll be thankful you took all the safety measures before indulging in the festival of colours, avoiding any problems.

Pre-Holi Precautionary Tips:

Oil be there for you!

Holi Care Tips, #Holi, #Holi2022

One of the most crucial steps to take before you play #Holi is to slather yourself with oil from head to toe. Before you leave your house, take some almond/coconut/olive oil and apply it to your hair, skin, and body, making sure not to miss any spots. This particular tip will help you wonders as the oil protects the skin from damage due to the colours/ Gulal.

#TTSRecommendation: Parachute Advansed Olive and Almond Body Oil or Kama Ayurveda Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Nail it with the Polish

Holi Care Tips, #Holi, #Holi2022

The oil will take care of your skin, but it is essential to look after your nails, too. The best way to do that is to first apply some olive oil around your nails and cuticles, as it helps strengthen the nails. Make sure to trim your nails to avoid maximum damage, and put either your favourite nail polish colour on or two coats of clear polish on your nails for extra protection.

#TTSRecommendation: O.P.I Nail Lacquer & O.P.I Start To Finish Base & Top Coat Strengthener

Let the sunscreen on & protect your skin

Holi Care Tips, #Holi, #Holi2022

No matter the occasion, place or event, applying sunscreen is absolutely crucial in your skincare regimen, and all the more during #Holi. After you've slathered your body with oil, letting it seep into your skin while you protect your nails, 30 minutes before you leave for the big bash, it is time to slather your body and face with sunscreen, the ultimate protector! SPF 50, heat and sweat-proof sunscreen is the recommended type, just so that nothing but the best protects you from damage.

TTSRecommendation: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen

Drink like nobody's watching

Holi Care Tips, #Holi, #Holi2022

And no, we aren't talking cocktails! It is essential to keep yourself hydrated at all times, especially with #Holi falling amid summers, you might be playing under the harsh sun. While your skin and body are taken care of from the outside, take care of it from within, too. The best way to do that is to drink plenty of water, and for added protection, mix it with an instant electrolyte that will help you with your Vitamin C intake and hydration. Keep a bottle of water infused with electrolytes or carry portable ones to add to the water you intake wherever you go.

#TTSRecommendation: Fast&Up Reload Energy and Hydration

Why should you be precautious only pre-Holi? You also have to take all the necessary steps post-Holi to protect yourself from unnecessary damage caused by the Gulal/ colours.

Don't hurry & don't worry!

Holi Care Tips, #Holi, #Holi2022

After a tiresome day of playing #Holi, all you'd wish to do is to wash off the colours and take a long nap, but unfortunately, that might have to wait a bit. It is advisable to first apply cold-pressed coconut oil all over your body before you take a shower. It might be the last time you touch or put any oil, but this step will make getting rid of the colours slightly more bearable. Many of the #Holi colours are apparently fat-soluble, which is why oiling before a shower would be of great help. Apply a homemade hair mask, too, while you wait for the oil to soak in so that removing the colour from your hair becomes simpler, too.

#TTSRecommendation: Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Holi Care Tips, #Holi, #Holi2022

After applying the cold-pressed oil all over, let it seep in for a while and then you can finally take the shower you might have been longing for since you got back. Start off using your shampoo and conditioner, thoroughly washing off all you've mixed and accumulated in your hair. Next step: Mission remove colours from the body. It might involve some rigorous washing, but the pre-and-post-holi oil application may make it a tad bit effortless.

#TTSRecommendation: Nivea Bodywash

Post-Holi TLC: The Finale

Holi Care Tips, #Holi, #Holi2022

The final step to seal the protection deal is to cleanse and moisturise yourself after some rigorous scrubbing. After you take a shower, apply some cleansing milk or moisturiser to your skin to hydrate it after being exposed to sun, oil, and colours. The step is a great way to put an end to the post-holi TLC, after which you can treat yourself to a big fat nap, draining out the tiredness after all the fun.

#TTSRecommendation: Switchfix Cleansing Mylk
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