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DIY home style with Aku's Brrgrr Co. !

Burgers tasted never so good until now, because when it's DIY - you stack it up and make your brrgrr larger than life!

Aku's Burger is a chef-driven brand where they want people to feel good after they eat the burgers and not bloated or overstuffed.

Ordering at home has always been fun, because I personally feel - that you are in your own space, you can eat what you like - the way you like it - dig in many other bites from your loved ones's plates, But hey! someone just told me that I should behave.

Home Experience with Aku's

“Birthdays are meant to celebrate with all things favourite, and that's what got me to Aku's to celebrate my brother's birthday, with a table spread of their menu as a Fam-Jam dinner. "


They’ve got a menu full of chicken, bacon, eggs, lamb for the non-vegetarians and for vegetarians they have yummy range of potatoes, beetroot and mushroom burgers that’ll put you instantly in a fast food paradise that is guilt-free."

The good news is they are delivering and to bust the myth a lot of homegrown brands struggle with, let me tell you that they're following strict hygiene standards, as per WHO's guidelines, so go ahead and order here. However, they're only delivering limited items from their menu, which you can check out on Zomato or Swiggy.

Did You Know: AKUs was started by Chef Akriti Malhotra and her brother, Ankit. She trained at the Culinary Institute of America for two-and-a-half years. After her training, she worked under Chef Ritu Dalmia of the famous restaurant chain, Diva.

Apart from burgers they also have variety of snacks and beverages to pick for a side. These include fries, onion rings, nuggets, nachos and more. They offer milkshakes and ice tea's that can be paired with the meal you order.

Aku's Outlets

Currently, they have three outlets in Delhi - Defence Colony, Kalkaji and DLF Cyber City. They are currently delivering across Delhi/NCR - If any of these outlet locations are not nearby, you can always pre-order your food with them at least 24hrs in advance to have it reach your doorstep.


For Deliveries, they have this amazing concept of DIY burgers, that you can make at home.

These DIY kits, come with all the toppings packed separately, and is advised to be consumed within 24 hours of it being prepared. Order Your DIY Kits to dig in some goodness. To place your order click here.

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