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#Discovertheunique With These Upcoming Fashion & Beauty Influencers Slowly Changing The Content Game

The world of fashion and beauty is evolving, with social media playing a vital role in its growth. Several fashion and beauty influencers have an incredible online presence, and rightly so, with the immense talent, each has, adding their own essence to their content. Among the various creators, these are a few that caught our eye due to their style of content creation.

Check out some upcoming Fashion & Beauty Influencers you should consider following:

Beauty Bloggers:

Divya Premchand

An Indian living in Dubai, Divya Premchand is an uber-talented makeup artist whose talent is unmatched, her creativity visible in the looks she creates. Her few videos might entail an everyday makeup look, but most of her makeup looks are anything but basic! Her series 'Visualising Bollywood' garnered some significant attention, and why not! The series revolved around her interpretation of popular Bollywood songs, showcasing it through makeup. Soon after, she started a new series, 'UAE Snack Series', creating makeup looks inspired by the snacks one might find in the UAE, where she resides.

Shantanu Dhope

Recently selected as the 25 under 25 Instagrammer of India, Shantanu Dhope believes in the fact that brown men wear makeup too, and we cannot see why not? Also appearing on the front cover of the popular magazine, Cosmopolitan, his talent is unmatched, letting his makeup looks do all the talking. His page is an amalgamation of recreating looks to creating some of his own, showing his creativity to the max. From subtle to complete glam and fancy looks, you'll see a mix of it all on his page.

Harshleen Jhans

Harshleen's expertise lies in SFX-style makeup (special effects), and it can clearly be seen in the looks she posts on her Instagram page. From creating Marvel characters looks to even re-creating the famous Stranger Things figure 'Vecna', her page is filled with looks you'd expect only on TV screens, and that too by professionals. They are all the perfect Halloween looks, ranging from gore to glam, her makeup getting progressively impressive. We'd love to recreate some of her appearances, but it's best to leave it to the experts!

Ankush Bahugana

Another male influencer breaking stigmas surrounding men wearing makeup is Ankush Bahugana, a Delhi-based beauty influencer. Although known for his humour, he has another page dedicated to his other talent— Makeup! The page is a mix of looks he does for himself, for others, and some hacks here and there. His style is minimal while also adding a pop of colour when required. He claims that he's not a professional makeup artist yet, but just winging it, but he's winging it well, no doubt!

Fashion Bloggers

Diksha Rawat

Diksha Rawat's style is one that almost everyone would want to follow, as she always stays up-to-date with the trends, no matter Indian or western looks. She uses Instagram and YouTube Shorts as platforms to showcase the immense talent she hones. Her style shows that she can clearly carry off any outfit, irrespectively looking gorgeous. Her page consists of aesthetic shots and videos of her fashion style, a true inspiration for many.

Usaamah Siddique

Usaamah Siddique's fashion style has got him to walk on the runway, getting him recognised by several brands, big and homegrown. Starting his own business— Perlo Studios, a brand creating tailor-made garments that blends luxury aesthetics with eternal comfort, Usaamah's style is on-trend and on-point, speaking to the millennial and gen-z masses. As someone who's young, you can see it reflect in his fashion and appearances, keeping it trendy nonetheless.

Ritvi Shah

Ritvi Shah's style, like Diksha Rawat, is a mix of Indian and western wear, but with her own fashion sense and twists. Each look is complete with some jewellery and accessory like a bag or belt, with everything fitting together perfectly. As she's young, her audience is also majorly young, therefore keeping styles they could get inspiration from in mind while creating content. Whether creating content for brands or herself, in general, each video or picture oozes talent!

Kush Sachdeva

Dressing well is essential to create a favourable first impression, regardless of gender. It is not necessary to dress up in branded clothes to look good, nor do you need to wear jazzy clothes, and Kush Sachdeva shows just that. His ensemble is always on point, looking dapper no matter the style. He shows his audience how you can dress simple yet look good, whether wearing a graphic tee and jeans or a suit, mostly showing his fashion sense through his lifestyle content.

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