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#Discovertheunique with Estuary Water, going on a journey of enhancing the taste of various whiskies

What is Estuary?

Have you heard of water that can enhance the taste of your drink just by blending? Well, #discovertheunique with Estuary Blending Water, the world's first and most popular blending water that does just that. Their motto being 'Blend It Right With Estuary', they have three flavours, all based on spirits, with which you can savour the Estuary Blending Water. Their flavours include— Vodka, Whisky & Single Malt.

Estuary Blending Water, Whisky, Whisky Tasting
Estuary Blending Water

Why Estuary?

Whisky is enjoyed on the rocks, neat, blended with Coke or even with water, but to really appreciate the whisky and maintain its delicate balance of flavours, 'Blending water' is suggested, a powerful tool for critical tasting. Tap water or even regular water has a high content of chlorine and other chemicals that destroys everything the whisky had done while maturing in the barrel for 12 years, neutralising everything. Hence, while savouring whisky, it's advised to use a neutral untasting water with no chemicals— cue Estuary

Fun Fact: Estuary was awarded the title 'Offical Blending Water' by the Scottish Whisky Awards.

All about the event

As an elite gathering of connoisseurs and spirit lovers, we indulged in an epicurean experience as never before; a Whisky Tasting Session with Estuary, a first of its kind in Mumbai, as part of a series of whisky tasting that initially started off in Glasgow. The event sought to set the context for a mindful and focused tasting of the Scottish beverage, focusing on starting to get people and their palates educated into understanding the different whiskies, their tastes and flavour profiles, experiencing Scotland in your mouth. The idea was to #discovertheunique and something new in the familiar.

The journey of whisky appreciation

It was crucial to use the correct glasses, which are Glencairn glasses, to complete the whiskey appreciation experience, the perfect style to appreciate whisky. The host shared an interesting recommendation of closing our eyes when nosing and tasting the whisky as the mouth and brain processes heighten. He further shared aspects to keep in mind during the appreciation journey:

Colour Smell when you nose the whisky Taste as it sits on the palate To experience the final notes, take a deep gulp of air once the whisky settles at the back of your throat.

The different whiskies and experience

The evening involved experiencing the blending water— Estuary, with different whiskies. Each whisky was 12 years old and a unique experience, an amalgamation of various flavours, divided into six categories: Fresh, Malty, Peaty, Fruity, Spicy, and Woody, with different hints of tastes within the categories.

A look into what flavours stood out with each whisky:

Black Label
Black Label, 12 year old whisky, Glencairn Glasses, Estuary Blending Water, Whisky, Whisky Tasting
Flavours of Malt: Black Label
Fresh: Floral and Cut Grass Fruity: Honey Spicy: Spice and Chardonnay Woody: Vanilla and Wood

Glenlivet 12:
Glenlivet,12 year old whisky, Glencairn Glasses, Estuary Blending Water, Whisky, Whisky Tasting
Flavours of Malt: Glenlivet 12

Fresh: Floral, Apples & Pear and Scented Malty: Chocolate, Tropical and Fruit Peaty: Smoky Fruity: Sweet and Honey Spicy: Spice Woody: Oak

Chivas 12:
Chivas, 12 year old whisky, 12 year old whisky, Glencairn Glasses, Estuary Blending Water, Whisky, Whisky Tasting
Flavours of Malt: Chivas 12

Fresh: Musty Malty: Nutty and Riped Peaty: Smoky Fruity: Dried Figs Spicy: Spice and Cinnamon Woody: Fudge and Oak

Everyone in the room had a unique experience and journey while appreciating whisky with Estuary, tasting different notes and flavours with each sip.

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