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#Discovertheunique with all that's new in the lifestyle space

The lifestyle space has several brands coming out with new releases and collections almost at all times. It can get challenging to keep up with everything new, especially if you're new to the whole deal. So, to make it slightly simple here's a low down of all that's new in lifestyle if you're looking to shop and stay on top of trends!

What's new in the lifestyle space?

Sustainable luggage with Victorinox

Victorinox's iconic Spectra 3.0 relaunches with a touch of sustainability to it, keeping the style eye-catching and in the core colours black and Victorinox red. The suitcase is made of recycled, next-generation polycarbonate shell material, allowing for a lower emissions footprint and providing sustainability without compromising the strength or durability of the bag. The Spectra, engineered for worry-free travelling, will be a favourite amongst the eco-conscious, style-oriented travellers who appreciate good luggage, making their travel experience convenient. The front opening on the Global Carry-On and the Frequent Flyer Carry-On enables quick access to store all the essentials you might require on your trip, from your laptop to documents and other valuables, also featuring an independent lock from the main compartment.

Available in 4 size variants: - Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Hardside Trunk Large Case Travel Trolley Suitcase: ₹ 54,120 - Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Hardside Expandable Medium Case Travel Trolley Suitcase: ₹ 50,460 - Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Hardside Expandable Global Carry-On Travel Trolley Suitcase: ₹ 41,700 - Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Hardside Expandable Frequent Flyer Carry-On Travel Trolley Suitcase: ₹ 41,700
Available at: Gute Reise stores at Mumbai Airport T2 | Delhi Airport T3 | Bengaluru Airport T1, and Also available on Amazon India.

Art Meets Craft Meets Fragrance With JADE x NASO Profumi

Transporting one to a world of luxe, evoking a sense of nostalgia, JADE by Monica & Karishma teams up with sustainable luxury perfume brand NASO Profumi to create "Scents of Jade", two bespoke fragrances designed by the founders Monica Shah and Astha Suri, offering connoisseurs of luxury a sensorial experience. The two scents, Pepper Wood and Oud Mud, beautifully bring together the green techniques of attar making with contemporary forms, unique blends and responsible packaging with boxes made of upcycled fabric and crafted to reveal a new crest, reflecting the values of both the homegrown labels. The scents are perfect as a self-indulgent buy, a memorable gift, a wedding favour or even as a statement keepsake.

Available in:
Pocket scent: ₹ 550
Perfume: ₹ 7,500
Candle: ₹ 1,100
Limited Edition: ₹ 11,800
Available at: All JADE by Monica & Karishma stores in Mumbai | New Delhi | Hyderabad | Los Angeles, and

First Capsule Collection With United Colours of Benetton x Jean Charles

de Castelbajac

The capsule collection, a first for both UCB as well as artist and fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, talks about love, unity and family with values shared by a brand like Benetton and JCC's style incorporated. The collection named "In Love We Trust" is an ode to love and dedicated to today's modern and contemporary families, made up of those who choose to be together and create a tribe, showing that the way they dress can also be a bond that unites them. The collection consists of staple pieces that one can don every day at affordable prices, great quality and designs that scream love.

Available items:
Trench Coats
Printed Denims
And More
Available at: Select exclusive Benetton stores

Spring/Summer Must-Haves With Birkenstock

Birkenstock takes the wearer on a journey to an impeccable landscape of versatile, high-end design for this Spring/Summer. This new collection fuses functional signature designs with seasonal flair, helping embrace the everyday power of urban exploration. Enter the urban landscape in elevated essentials that allows for cosy comfort without jeopardizing the aesthetics. Whether you're wanting to wear them for work, for a get-together or at home, walk-in style with the new Birkenstock spring/summer collection, with many being vegan! The collection features several styles, some signature ones too, available in neutral as well as poppy colours to fit the Spring/Summer vibe.

Some available styles:
Zermatt Premium
And More
Available at:
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