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D'you know about the new launch 'in my defence'?

Shamika Haldipur is the proud founder of d'you, a skincare brand having a science first approach. Among several other products, d'you recently launched the first-ever ceramide product, 'in my defence'. The launch of ‘in my defence’ was fun and insightful. Shamika shared her thoughts behind introducing this product, getting into the nitty-gritty of the process. It was an interactive session with the founder, where we got the opportunity to test the product along with her, making it a memorable experience.

d'you, in my defence

Shamika saw several brands having ceramide as an ingredient in products, but very few were Indian and acted as a skin barrier. Due to that reason, Shamika formulated 'in my defence', reflecting the research done on barrier repair and ceramide penetration into the skin barrier. Crafted by combining ceramides with fatty acids and cholesterol, through research, she realised that an improper combination of lipids and incorrect ratios could lead to a delay in barrier recovery.

d'you, in my defence

When I first received the product, I immediately fell in love with the packaging as it arrived in an adorable baby pink pouch. Inside is a bottle of the same colour labelled 'in my defence'. In my defence, the packaging itself got me obsessed. The product comes in a bottle that pumps out the lotion, an easy application. The colour of the product matches the theme of the packaging, and when applied to the skin, it feels soft and light. As recommended for the winter, taking 2-3 drops of the product on the back of my hand, I apply it all over my face and neck, gently massaging it all over. To experience the hydration and softness on my hands, too, I rub the remaining lotion over my hands.

The product is created keeping all skin types, whether oily, dry or sensitive, in mind. The best part about 'in my defence' is that it is safe for acne-prone skin, too. Since my T-zone is usually super dry, especially in winters, this product made the skin feel slightly more hydrated, providing the nourishment my skin requires.

We have added this product to our morning routine, applying it as a moisturiser just before sunscreen. With barrier health being of the utmost importance for d'you, this product might not work wonders overnight but will undoubtedly start helping in the long run. It will be exciting to see 'in my defence' work its magic.

Get the d'you ' in my defence ' here and flaunt your d'you-ey skin every day. Check them out on Instagram, too.

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