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Cycle your way into these cycling communities: Metropolitan Edit

If you love cycling, whether as a passion or as a pro, these cycling communities are a great way to start cycling with like-minded people, who love cycling, too. Sometimes they pit-stop at coffee or food joints to energise themselves before pedalling away again. Although there are many cycling clubs, it's a unique and fun concept, gathering people with similar interests.

We have decoded a few cycling communities in metropolitan cities. Check them out now:

Bhatakna Midnight Cycling (Mumbai)

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Midnight Cycling in Mumbai with Bhatakna

Cycling is a fun activity in itself, but imagine doing it at midnight around the city? Bhatakna has you covered with their midnight cycling. Taking place every Saturday night from 11:30 Pm, starting from Colaba Causeway, it is a 6-hr excursion covering the classic points around Mumbai. The cost is ₹ 750 per person for a non-gear cycle and ₹ 299 if you get your own. You can also avail group discounts with them.

You can register here.

Cycle Network Grow

Midnight Kolkata Cycling, Cycling group, Cycle Network Grow, Cycling in Kolkata
Cycling in Kolkata with Cycle Network Grow

As the name suggests, their concept is simple, aiming to gather people to cycle - network - grow! By joining this club, you can ride together, and share stories while also participating in events/workshops, all while networking and growing together. The crux of this club is to bring all cyclists of Kolkata together onto one platform. This club has completed almost 6 years and is a great way to network and meet new like-minded people.

You can register here.

V4A Cycling and Running Club (Delhi)

Cycling group, Cycling in Delhi, Cycling group in delhi, Cycling in Delhi with V4A Cycling and Running Club
Cycling in Delhi with V4A Cycling and Running Club

If you have a passion for cycling and reside in Delhi, this club's for you! Based out of South Delhi, you will find a wide range of cyclists, from CEOs to senior government officers, fitness trainers and even professional cyclists. The name stands for 'We for Adventure'. One can join them every Sunday morning or even in the evening. It sure sounds like an adventure-packed community!

You can register here.

Chennai Cyclists (Chennai)

Cycling in Chennai with Chennai Cyclists, Chennai cycling, cycling in chennai, chennai cycling, chennai cycling community, cycling groups in chennai
Cycling in Chennai with Chennai Cyclists

A community created for those like-minded people who love cycling and reside in Chennai, the Chennai cyclists organise a bunch of events for those who love cycling to join, cycling through the streets with a variety of people. This community is a great way to meet new people while indulging in a healthy and fun activity. This World Bicycle Day itself they have organised a morning ride, followed by a nutritious breakfast.

You can register here.

Cycling Monks (Pan India)

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Cycling Monks

If we have missed your city, don't worry, you can still enjoy cycling with Cycling Monks. Although not a community in a sense that gather cyclists, it gives you all the information about any cycling activity happening in your city, also leading you to the community that does so! Whether you reside in the Andamans, Jaipur or Dehradun, keep checking their socials to be updated with all things cycling in India.

Check them out here.

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