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Celebrate #WorldCocktailDay the easy way with these canned cocktails

It's #WorldCocktailDay today, and what better way to celebrate this day than on a Friday with some readymade cocktails? Just pop-sip-taste-repeat! We have curated a list of brands with these cocktails in a can, available in various flavours, but we have a favourite in each.

Let's check out who's here to make life easier:

Mr Jerry's

Cocktail in a bottle, Mr Jerry has many cocktail flavours, from Midday Negroni to Old Fashioned, Long Island Iced Tea, Espresso Martini, and more! Whether you're planning a house party, going out but plan to pre-drink or even sit at home with your favourite show/movie playing, these ready-to-serve cocktails are the perfect companions.

#TTSRecommends: Mr Jerry's Cucumber and Elderflower Fizz, the perfect cocktail for a hot summer night out or in!


Just as the name suggests, this is actually a cocktail in a can! Offering several flavours like Gin & Tonic, Rum Latte, Vodka Mule, LIIT and Whiskey Collins, this particular brand was also on Shark Tank, receiving an all Sharks approval, so you can imagine how delicious it really is! To get lit all you need is some InACan cocktails, a great way to start the weekend.

#TTSRecommends: InACan's Vodka Mule, a perfect cocktail to start off your nights in the summer, keeping you refreshed!

Bombay Sapphire

The world's leading premium gin is now providing gin lovers with their favourite mix in a can! Now you won't have to go through the hassle of getting gin and some tonic separately to enjoy your favourite. Their gin and tonics are available in various styles and are the perfect cocktail to get you through the night.

#TTSRecommends: Bombay Saphhire's Gin & Tonic, a classic cocktail that you can never go wrong with, always great for hot days!

Bacardi Breezer

Bacardi is infamous for rum and their classic breezers, probably the first alcoholic drink for many who started young! This rum-based cocktail with low alcohol content is super delicious and the perfect drink to pop open on a chill Friday night after a hectic workweek. Breezer is available in a wide range of fruity flavours, from watermelon to cranberry, coconut, strawberry, pomegranate, mango, and more!

#TTSRecommends: Bacardi Breezer's Jamaican Passion, a wonderful flavour perfect for the summers as it helps you cool down in the heat!

Bira 91

Bira is famous for its beers, but what if we tell you they have a limited edition range of flavours waiting to be tried? From Kokum Sour beers to Bown Ale and Bollywood IPA, they have some interesting flavours to offer. Chilled beer on a summer night sounds inviting and inciting, and who wouldn't want that?

#TTSRecommends: Bira's Mango Lassi Ale, a flavour involving two things that can make any summer night ten times better!
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