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BrewHouse: An Organic Quencher for every Par-Tea!

Available in five flavours: Blueberry, Forest Berry, Mojito Lime, Classic Lemon and Classic Peach.

Established in the year 2017, Brew House is an all-natural tea and certified organic by USDA & India Organic.

A Conscious Switch

" This year has been more about being mindful to consuming products with no preservatives. I picked up to the trend, by usually having a bottle of ice tea on my table that I consume through the day, and work from home made it more of a habit."

It is an organic low-cal beverage that is brewed with 100% organic tea leaves. Each bottle uses whole tea leaves sourced directly from organic plantations in the Nilgiris and Darjeeling, which produce some of the finest teas in the world.

Did You Know: A High quality brewed tea have a natural flavour and they need less sugar than most other bottled teas.

People behind the Brand

This brand is solely founded by Siddharth Jain, he developed the brand and the initial flavours, once funded he got a key team together that includes Dhruv Kapur (ex-Yoga Bars, Grofers) who looks after Sales, Depinder Bedi (Ex-Red Bull) who looks after Marketing.

Let's Face It

Tea contributes to 8 percent of the total beverage market. “So, after carbonated drinks and juices, there’s iced tea."

A Good Mixer

As we all relate to the popular LIT's (Long Island Ice Tea), these handcrafted brews offer so much more than just a key cocktail. Let's talk about 5 flavours and 5 recipes you can follow to make your cocktail a low-cal drink.

You can find Brew House available at your nearest local store.To order online and know more about the brand click here.

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