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Brands Exclusively Offering Gorgeous Indian Textiles

India is home to several gorgeous textiles, each a beauty of its own, worn with pride by the people of India. India houses Ajrakh, Bandhani, Chanderi, Ikat, Khadi, Paithani, and many more stunning prints and fabrics, each with some historical significance originating from our country's various cultures and places. Several platforms and brands cater to a specific textile, so let's decode where you can purchase some top styles.

Brands Featuring Indian Textiles Exclusively:

House of Chikankari (Chikankari)

Indian Textiles, Chikankari, Shop Indian Textiles, Shop Chikankari, House of Chikankari
House of Chikankari
What is Chikankari: It is a technique involving delicate and artful hand embroidery, usually consisting of white thread on light, pastel shades.

Origin: Lucknow

As the name suggests, the House of Chikankari houses items like Kaftans, Dupattas, Kurtas, and bottom wear, featuring beautiful and intricate Chikankari hand embroidery. Focusing on a mix of elegance and comfort, they use soft fabrics, offering breezy styles, every piece holding a unique story. They aim to re-instil the artisan's pride and exquisite craftsmanship behind the delicate designs, making India's heritage arts and crafts an affordable luxury. Their items are perfect for the festive season or even to wear in between wedding functions when looking for something light yet ethnic.

Check out House of Chikankari here

Only Paithani (Paithani)

Indian Textiles, Paithani, Shop Indian Textiles, Shop Paithani, Only Paithani
Only Paithani
What is Paithani: Paithani is Silk and Zari sarees featuring weft figurine designs, using the ancient technique of tapestry with multiple colour threads besides gold and silver.
Origin: Aurangabad

Only Paithani is an online store, with offline ones in Bangalore and Hyderabad, offering gorgeous Paithani sarees with traditional borders and a Pallu, handwoven in Pure Silk and Zari. Their sarees are opulent and luxurious, also offering cotton ones. They aim to promote the art and tradition behind Paithani, providing their saree with a matching blouse piece and an option to stitch it on request. Apart from that, they occasionally sell exquisite handloom sarees hailing from other Indian states, providing a platform for other textiles to garner recognition. Their sarees are handwoven, using only the best quality fabrics, with talented weavers taking 15 days— meticulously weaving one saree.

Check out OnlyPaithani here

Mystic Loom (Phulkari)

Indian Textiles, Phulkari, Shop Indian Textiles, Shop Phulkari, Mystic Loom
Mystic Loom
What is Phulkari: The folk embroidery of Punjab, Phulkari, is an amalgamation of motifs and geometrical shapes created with the darn stitch on the opposite side of coarse cotton cloth using coloured silken thread, sold as dupattas majorly.

Origin: Punjab

At Mystic Loom, you'll find gorgeous dupattas featuring intricate and colourful Phulkari designs, emphasising bringing happiness and mysticism to all aspects of life. Their collection consists of unique designs representing Punjab's rich heritage and culture, intending to make the textile a part of our lives. Their items are divided into different collections, experimenting with different styles, occasions, and moods to fit every customer's needs. Their Phulkaris are great for gifting, especially during the festive or wedding season, giving guests the best!

Check out Mystic Loom here

Kanakavalli (Kanjivaram)

Indian Textiles, Kanjivaram, Shop Indian Textiles, Shop Kanjivaram, Kanakavalli
What is Kanjivaram: Woven from pure mulberry silk with three-ply, Kanjivaram is a saree using thick zari to create unique and intricate designs, featuring temples, stripes, checks, and floral work on their borders, famous in the South
Origin: Kanchipuram

Kanakavalli Kanjivaram is a wardrobe staple, offering the textile's finest selection of silk sarees, from all-day drapes to design-led heirloom, bridal and trousseau collections. The rich sarees are available in vibrant colours, divided into Korvai with dramatic borders, Ambaranth with playful explorations, embellished Ahiri, classic geometry in Kattam/ Vari, and more! They even house a Blouse Studio where one can find beautiful weaves to pair with the Kanjivaram and accessories like handmade trousseau boxes and fine jewellery. They curate all their items with the same focus and precision, beautifully showcasing the art and culture of the South.

Check out Kanakavalli out here

Translate/ Ikat India (Ikat)

Indian Textiles, Ikat, Shop Indian Textiles, Shop Ikat, Ikat India
Ikat India
What is Ikat: A dyeing technique using resisting dyeing, Ikat combines individual or bundles of yarn pre-dyeing with a tight wrapping to create the desired pattern. It is known for its geometric patterning and intentional bleeding.

Origin: Pochampalli

Translate-Handwoven Ikat came into existence in 2012 with the main focus on reviving age-old art, transforming traditional textiles into evergreen clothing. They work towards giving a new lease to the technique, providing constant employment to the sixth generation of artisans. They play a proud part in creating awareness of India's rich heritage, honouring the craft with a modern twist. Offering a wide range of collections, they have items for men and women, ranging from dresses, kurta, tunics, jackets, kaftans, and more! Translate stays true to the origin of the indigenous craft, with its brand identity being effortless, clearly seen in their collections.

Check out Translate/ Ikat India here
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