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#Back2OfficeEssentials: Stylish Laptop Bags to up your office game

If you're a working person who goes to the office every day, why not carry your laptop in style with some cool laptop bags from these homegrown brands. With a wide selection of styles, from sleeves to messenger bags, you can easily find one that fits your style and laptop!

Homegrown labels to check out for laptop covers and bags:


Rashki offers a range of stylish and sleek laptop bags for all genders. They have some unique styles and look super premium while being affordable. Available in neutral colours, their bags take any outfit up a notch. Whether your work entails going to the office or even meeting people for meetings and networking at events, these bags are stylish enough for all occasions and a great conversation starter.


Another brand that offers sleek and stylish bags is Mokobara. They have the most functional bags, fitting your laptop and any other office essentials. They have options in neutral colours and fun ones and offer the backpack style of bags, cushioning your shoulders and helping you avoid putting any strain on only one side. Although a bit more expensive, these bags are worth the price as they sustain for a long time, making them a good investment.

Nappa Dori

As a quintessential homegrown brand offering handcrafted luxury leather goods, Nappa Dori has a wide selection of laptop bags to choose from and carry to work. They offer bags with intriguing prints, alongside those in neutral and beautiful colours. Nappa Dori is the ideal choice for all kinds of offices, their aesthetic bags fitting any occasion. Due to the luxurious nature of the bags, they are slightly more expensive but are a good investment, especially for those who love to be on top of trends and style.


Scarters aims to keep things simple yet unique, making you feel special. Featuring stylish bags at an affordable range, Scarters focuses on providing people with all the work essentials they need, helping them stay organised. At Scarters, one can find a range of styles for their laptop, from messengers to backpacks and even sleeves. The bag styles and colours are the perfect amalgamations of minimalism and aesthetics.

Brune and Bareskin (Voga-Now)

Like Scarters, Brune and Bareskin (Voga-Now) offer different styles of laptop bags for all genders. They have laptop briefcases and sleeves for men and just laptop sleeves for women. These leather bags look gorgeous and come in colours that suit every outfit you'd don. The pricing is understandable considering the quality of materials used. One has the opportunity to personalise and customise their bag to their liking, making it a great gifting option, too.

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