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All You Need To Know About The Coach Pillow Pop-Up. Check it out while it lasts!

Celebrating the brand's iconic Pillow Tabby bag, Coach introduced The Coach Pillow Pop-Up, first in Delhi and now in Mumbai, creating an impulsive and playful experience for those visiting.

The Pillow Tabby bag takes inspiration from Coach's playful approach to its authentic American heritage, a plush take on the beloved shoulder bag that got its name from its soft quilted silhouette. Set up at the Jio World Drive mall in BKC, the pop-up is still open for the public till June 20, 2022. It immerses the guests in a pillow-inspired playground with some oversized puffy pillow versions of a bag tag with the brand name and their signature 'C', all pretty in pink! The pop-up also houses the bags the pop-up is dedicated to, a great way to promote the iconic bag.

Coach never disappoints anyone as a brand, especially with their collections of bags, clothing and accessories. Let's dig a bit deeper into the origin of the Pillow Tabby bag:

Pillow Tabby reimagines an archival 1970s design featuring a structured silhouette. The bag has a plush, ultra-soft leather and wrapped signature hardware, along with the iconic 'C' on the snap closure. There are two styles available— the Tabby 18 and 26. The 26 features detachable straps that allow you to carry it by hand, as a shoulder bag or a crossbody. The Tabby 18 is smaller in size as compared to the 26, but their style of carrying remains the same. Both are available in various shades, some featuring pearlised matte-finish and metallic leather. Made of Nappa leather, the bag has a multifunction pocket and fabric lining in its interiors with a snap closure.

The Coach-Spring Pillow family of products, including Pillow Tabby and Madison, is available at the pop-up in Jio World Drive. The Pillow Tabby collection is even available on the official Coach website and Tata Cliq Luxury.

Why you should visit the Coach store at Jio World Drive:

Did you know that only selected Coach stores globally have a pink room where various collections of clothing, footwear and bags are displayed? The pink room features a part of the store adorned with pink walls, which the store in Mumbai at Jio World Drive is lucky enough to house! If the pop-up isn't a reason enough for you to visit the store at the mall, this sure will be!

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