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All About Arjun Khanna: His Collections and What Makes Him Stand Out From Other Designers

Arjun Khanna is a notable designer and art enthusiast, a trait visible in his designs that revolutionised men's fashion. India's leading and avant-garde fashion label, the luxury brand is known for its intricacy, impeccable tailoring, and designs working as a couturier that takes inspiration from people, things and sounds.

Arjun Khanna, Arjun Khanna Store at Kala Ghoda, Arjun Khanna For Men
Arjun Khanna Kala Ghoda Store

The name Arjun Khanna relates to him as an individual and a brand. He recently opened up a store in Mumbai with various military artefacts and vintage items sharing a spotlight with his menswear. The store opened up at none other than Kala Ghoda, a street with several other prominent designers. The store is a mix of all the things that fascinate Arjun Khanna ranging from military items to aviation antiques, superhero toys, and more, making it a store for not just clothing but various other tidbits that give an insight into his thinking.

Arjun Khanna, Arjun Khanna Store at Kala Ghoda, Arjun Khanna For Men
Arjun Khanna Kala Ghoda Store

At the store, you will find menswear that entails Kurtas, Sherwanis, Bundis of various styles, Jackets and Trousers. Apart from that, it also showcases his denim wear collection involving Bundis, Bombers, and Jackets, all super fashionable. The brand is also launching a line for women soon! Besides sticking to Indian wear, what makes Arjun Khanna stand out from other designers is how he experiments with the clothing and shows off his artsy side in his designs.

Let's decode the line of clothing and accessories the brand has to offer:

Clothing for Men

Their flagship collection is one for men, featuring Kurtas in sets and individually, Sherwanis in classic and heritage style, Bundis in various looks like formal and trendy, Jackets like Bandgalas and biker, and Trousers along with Jodhpurs. Each piece in the collection reflects Arjun Khanna as a designer, offering items for several occasions like weddings and the festive season. Whether you're looking for something on the heavier side or even something casual yet classic, you'll get them all.

Price: Starting from ₹ 10,500 Visit the store or check out the collection here

Clothing for Women

Arjun Khanna Sherwani, Arjun Khanna, Arjun Khanna Store at Kala Ghoda, Arjun Khanna For Men
Arjun Khanna Women Wear

Arjun Khanna is dabbling in women's clothing, involving a lot of denim with some military accents and outfits that scream adventure, curiosity and power, attributes of the designer. The range looks nothing less than classic and chic, making the wearer seem fierce! It seems like he would not get into Indian wear but will introduce classy attires that women can don to various events and occasions. Just a glance at the pictures has us excited, and we cannot wait to see what Arjun Khanna has in store!

Watch out for the collection here

Denim Collection

The denim collection from Arjun Khanna combines jackets in various styles, accessories, and kurtas, featuring denim wear for every occasion or mood. The Indian wear with a hint of denim surprisingly works out, making the item look super fashionable and perfect for those whose style is a mix of classy and casual with a tinge of extra. This collection's designs feature various things that Arjun Khanna cherishes, like aviation, cartoons and the patent military aspects, making it look trendy yet fun.

Price: Starting from ₹ 9,000 Visit the store or check out the collection here


The accessories Arjun Khanna offers include iPad cases, ties and Cravats. Offering denim iPad cases made from recycled denim, it features two designs like the looney toons and the other donning a flight, while there are plain ones too. The ties available come in different colours, with certain places having a patchwork design, giving it that edge! They also have Indigo Cravats in three prints— birds, cycles and polkas. The accessories also reflect the design idea of Arjun Khanna and are not like any generic ones!

Price: Starting from ₹ 4,000 Visit the store or check the collection out here
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