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Affordable premium fashion brands from Nykaa Fashion to integrate into your daily life

Nykaa Fashion has some incredible brands acquired by them that you can integrate into your daily wardrobe. Because of their affordability and premium quality products, we think you might be reaching for these brands more often!

Here are some brands that come under the Nykaa Fashion banner that you must check out:


Recently acquired by Nykaa Fashion, KICA by Aneesha Labroo is an athleisure brand that you should consider adding to your daily wear, especially if you love exercising. In addition to being comfortable, their activewear is chic and on-trend, making it a perfect choice for health and fashion-conscious people alike. The name— athleisure wear is apt as you can wear the styles KICA offers while at home or even while engaging in tasks like running errands. From poppy colours to simple ones, they have a wide range to pick from, depending on your personality and choice.

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.

NYKD by Nykaa

Intimate wear is something we wear every day but a topic that we don't speak about often. NYKD is here to shut those barriers, bringing people comfortable, premium yet affordable, intimate wear. Not only that, but some of their styles are also available in plus size, making it an inclusive brand. Apart from intimate wear, they also have active and sleepwear. Their products are perfect for any activity and occasion, made of the best, most comfortable and breathable materials. Their intimate wear is an incredible choice for you to integrate into your everyday wear.

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.

Pipa Bella

A name that has been in the fashion space for a long time, Pipa Bella is notorious for its accessories. Pipa loosely translates to someone adventurous, while Bella means elegant and graceful. The brand is the perfect amalgamation of both personalities, showcased beautifully in their designs. Pipa Bella offers chic and funky styles, catering to a large audience and occasions. They have new collections launching almost every month, being on-trend and up-to-date. Next time you're attending an event, a dinner party or even a lunch, your upcoming accessory selection should be from Pipa Bella.

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.

Gajra Gang

The Gajra Gang is an ode to separates offering ready-to-wear occasionwear with capsule collections. The brand represents the attitude of every woman— a little bold, flirty, and feminine while being free-spirited through their separates. The magic about their collection is that they can easily pair with one another, looking gorgeous either way. This month taking inspiration from summer trends and the infamous Netflix show Bridgerton, their collections fit the theme flawlessly. If you have any upcoming wedding events or a fancy family gathering, look fashionable yet chic in the Gajra Gang separates.

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.

A contemporary ethnic-wear brand inspired by the Indian heritage and age-old craft techniques, Likha offers affordable ethnic wear that works well as office and home attire. Their slogan "Ab Likho Apni Kahani" is an invitation to write your story in the comfort of fashion. Their collections are affordable and curated with the colours and designs on the theme of what's trending. With a wide variety available in terms of pattern, material, colour, occasion and style, Likha is affordable ethnic wear also offering garments in plus sizes that you can easily integrate into your everyday fashion.

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.


RSVP by Nykaa Fashion has collections showcasing contemporary western silhouettes versatile enough to be styled for any occasion. Whether you're attending a summer soiree, an evening party, a picnic or going to the beach, RSVP will surely be something you won't regret integrating into your everyday lifestyle. It might become your go-to label, making you leave a lasting impression no matter where you go. Make a statement with RSVP, looking fabulous as ever!

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.

Twenty Dresses

Twenty Dresses is a fashion-forward brand giving a young and fresh perspective to your wardrobe while delivering a unique take on what's trending. A bond between fashion and modern femininity, the brand flawlessly transitions from workwear to evening wear, making it a great addition to your everyday wardrobe. Their garments are available in various styles, colours, and sizes, all for different occasions. Their size selection is commendable, an outfit designed for almost all shapes and sizes.

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.


IYKYK is the new chic accessory label offering a range of elegant footwear and handbags that you should consider integrating into your daily lifestyle. Both bags and footwear are available in many styles, perfect for any occasion or scenario, whether work, home or going out! In footwear, they have shoes, heels, flats and many more, and in bags, they have sling bags, handbags, and tote bags, to name a few. What better brand than IYKYK to purchase, a product available for any event?

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.


Scandinavian brand NA-KD— one of the hottest amongst influencers, has come to India through Nykaa Fashion. Their collections are a balance of functionality and fashion with a clean and cosy aesthetic, promising an environmentally conscious production. The contemporary label creates timeless pieces, available at accessible prices but with a touch of luxury. Anyone donning NA-KD will surely stay up to date in the fashion space, never falling behind as they offer on-trend pieces catering to all occasions. They have dresses, shirts, and pants all one would need in their daily wardrobe, even collaborating with celebrity Mira Kapoor.

Available on Nykaa Fashion here.
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