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A #BFFs day in— 5 self-pampering ideas to indulge in with your friends

Everyone deserves a little TLC over the weekend, especially after a long and stressful week, no matter where they are in life. What's better than indulging in some self-love is enjoying it with your #BFF, making a whole day out of it! A self-care party is a great way to catch up on all the pending gossip and life updates.

Here are five self-pampering ideas you can indulge in with your #BFF:

Sip & Spill

BFFs sipping wine, indulging in a stay in self-care weekend

Before getting into updating everything that's been happening with your lives, pour yourself your favourite drink. It could be wine, cocktail or even beer, no judgements! It is a great way to start the #SelfcareSaturday or #SelfcareSunday, whatever day seems feasible.

#TTSRecommendations: Create some fun cocktails using the Jimmy's Cocktails mixers, available in various delicious flavours.


BFFs applying a face mask, indulging in a stay in self-care weekend

And, no, we aren't talking about the masks that have taken over our lives during the pandemic, but we are talking about face masks that help everyone feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You can either organise a Bring Your Own Mask party or make one with your #BFF using household items.

#TTSRecommendations: MamaEarth offers a variety of incredible masks to pick out from to apply and treat your skin at this self-care party.

Movies & Chill

BFFs watching a movie/show, indulging in a stay in self-care weekend

While you wait for the face mask to dry, watch a movie or show you and your #BFF have always wanted to see. With several OTT platforms available and even sites to watch movies, it has become easier to access all your favourites. To make this a tad bit fun and avoid any fights, you can write down a favourite movie/show each to shuffle and pick out of, a fair chance for all!

#TTSRecommendations: Use this website named Netflix Roulette that helps you pick a movie/show from the array of choices available on the platform, is customisable and even lets you choose a rating.

What's Cookin'?

BFFs cooking and eating takeout, indulging in a stay in self-care weekend

Cooking or baking can be therapeutic, so why not make a fun activity out of it? Even though you might not be that great in the kitchen, Google is always there to the rescue, helping you with the easiest recipes to make delectable items. Put on some music you'll enjoy, and cook away! You always have the option to even order in from your favourite restaurants, with the variety of cuisines available.

#TTSRecommendations: While cooking can be fun, we recommend ordering in from Zomato or Swiggy for an easy way out, or you can check out these easy pasta recipes to cook because who doesn't like a good pasta?

Dancing & Prancing

BFFs dancing, indulging in a stay-in self-care weekend

Dancing has always been a great stress buster, no matter how good or bad one can be at it. Pop on some music and dance your stress away, putting your hands in the air like you don't care! You can even choose to create a dance and post it on social media in hopes of becoming viral, or you could dance for no reason.

#TTSRecommendations: Spotify has some great dance playlists, so you can shuffle the songs and shuffle away!

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