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3 Beauty trends that can help you gain followers!

We all constantly wonder what are people engaging with?

I did a deep dive into the data and found 3 noteworthy trends that are driving content that boost engagement for many beauty brands.

Beauty is an all time growing category, and who does not love to learn more about their skin. Beauty trends amongst influencers has been ever growing. I hope these hacks help your content interact more with your audience.

Three hacks that you must try and implement while curating content for your feed:

• The Unfiltered Reality

We all enjoy behind the scene snippets, as for the viewer it's more of a validation when it especially comes to beauty trends. It's time we put the makeup in the bathroom and get as raw and real.

The Attention Seeking Lip

Product application closer to the screen where lip are in focus have a higher engagement rate over any other static post. It not only will help you showcase the colour and texture of the product, it will also make your post trend.

Keeping it Clean

One of the latest trends in the beauty segment is using cruelty-free, non-toxic and vegan products and when it comes to curating content, brands have been using real ingredients as a prop to highlight it's environment-friendly nature of the product. This oddly satisfying trend is a must try.

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